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Marv Albert Shared His Best-Ever Blooper Reel With David Letterman


Marv Albert was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman for the 126th time on Wednesday night.


I Can’t Stop Watching Ronnie Price Airball A Dunk Attempt


It's perfectly understandable for Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Ronnie Price to want to be known for something other than throwing his shoe at a player in the name of illegal defense.


The Victoria’s Secret Angels Can Even Make Committing Bloopers Look Hot As Hell


I know that this Victoria's Secret Angels blooper reel doesn't do much to put to bed the stereotype that models aren't that that smart, but there's a reason they're models and not actresses.


Sensible Golden Retriever Refuses To Participate In Agility Event, Eats All The Food Instead


When I retire from the blogging game, I'm forming my own television network called Dogs Doin' Stuff.


Czech Soccer Team’s Corner Kick Play Is Ridiculously Complex, Turns Out To Be A Total Waste Of Time


A Czech soccer team clearly coached by an elementary school gym teacher tried a Ring Around the Rosie penalty kick play.


Kansas City Royals Bro Terrified A Reporter On Live Television With A Sneak Attack


KMBC's Johnny Kane was all smiles reporting the Royals' big win last night.

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