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VIDEO: Orioles Ballgirl Accidentally Fields Grounder in Play


Carl Crawford’s Slide Looked Pretty Painful


Earmuffs 1, Mike Francesa 0

It turns out King of All Media Mike Francesa is actually a fallible human being. America's most trusted opinion-maker struggled mightily with some earmuffs during yesterday's

Patrick Kane Scored a Mind-Blowing Own Goal

The Chicago Blackhawks were on a delayed power play last night against the Edmonton Oilers when Patrick Kane passed the puck ... into his own

Hockey Player Attempts Brutal Cheapshot, Only Hurts Himself

A young hockey player who must believe in playing to -- and through the whistle -- suffered a fairly embarrassing injury when his cheap shot

Bored? Watch Yo’self the Best News Bloopers of 2013

I motion that in 2014, we, as a society, start calling frumpy looking breasts "BLOOPERS." I think we'd all be better off, don't you?

Chi Chi Rodriguez Rockets Golf Ball Off Groin, Remains Legendary

Golf Channel’s Big Break NFL Puerto Rico is a show on television. They had golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez stop by for a recent episode

Bosnian Soccer Game Provides 15 Seconds of the Worst Play You’ll Ever See

As you can tell, this clip does not come from a high-level league. It’s from a small-club matchup in a rural part of Bosnia and

Kentucky Freshman James Young Scores Freak Basket on Own Hoop

Kentucky is the top-ranked team in college basketball but it appears they still have some things to work on before the season tips off for

Two Miami Marlins Players Slide Into Same Base, Awkwardness Ensues

This is actually great baserunning, but since it’s the Marlins, everyone assumes it’s a goofy blooper.

Blue Jays Rajai Davis Hit the Most Error-Laden Inside-the-Park Home Run Ever

Technically, this isn't an inside-the-park home run, because there were like 86 errors committed on the play and when you don't hit the ball past

Raul Ibanez Made One of the Worst Throws in Baseball History

Seattle Mariners left fielder Raul Ibanez gets paid primarily to hit the baseball. He does not get paid for possessing a good glove or throwing

Thomas Bjourns Ruins ESPN Camera With Terrible Shot at British Open

Like any normal golf fan, J. Camm was up at 4 a.m. watching the British Open. Before you call him an idiot, know that he

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is Shockingly Full of Dora the Explorer

As you may have noticed, we can’t get enough of this $*@*ing Jimmy Kimmel bit. Another week, another masterpiece.

Sideline Reporter Gets Trucked From Behind by Football Player During Live Interview

Look out!

‘F*ck Me, I Can’t Even F*cking Talk,’ Says Our New Favorite Local News Reporter

In what appears to be an incorrectly edited segment never meant for live television, a local news reporter with a terrific vocabulary named Lindsay Nadrich dropped

Two News Anchors Mock Ryan Lochte While Interviewing Ryan Lochte

So unprofessional, but so goddamn perfect. Can't blame them. I don't know how anyone takes him seriously, there is nothing going on upstairs. But I

Watch a Compilation of the Best News Bloopers of March

You know you've seen a few too many viral videos lately when you start to recognize the obscure local-news bloopers in this compilation... from the

Kathy Griffin Celebrated 2013 By Pretending to Blow Anderson Cooper on CNN

You were probably getting too wasted to notice, but comedian Kathy Griffin was – for some reason – was part of CNN’s New Year’s Eve

We Now Present This Spectacular ‘Best News Bloopers of 2012 Compilation’

Professional serious people relaying pertinent information, suddenly not so seriously. In the words of a sorority girl whose primary life mission is to have more

Check Out This Hilarious Compilation of Best News Bloopers in 2012

There's just something about a camera and a local news broadcast that makes mistakes people make so much funnier, isn't there?

Bored? Check Out The Best Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers and Fails

Never too soon to laugh at news blunders. 

The ‘Today Show’ Showed a Dildo on a ‘One Night Stand’ Halloween Costume This Morning

Anyone else catch The Today's Show's regurgitation of BuzzFeed's "21 Best (Worst) Halloween Pun Costumes" this morning? If so, you missed a big, fat,

This Is the Weatherman Erection Blooper to End Weatherman Erection Bloopers

Newsmen stand in front of a green screen, leaving them in constant danger of not being able to see embarrassing content happening behind them. It's

Minnesota College Football Team Can’t Find Midfield With Its Logo

On the bright side, Division III’s University of Minnesota-Crookston is finally, FINALLY getting some press.

8 Blown Calls in Sports History that Might Be Worse Than the Seahawks-Packers Disaster

Last night was bad. Really bad.

Watch an 18-Minute Blooper Reel from ‘The Office’

After nine season, the paper-selling gang from Dunder Mifflin is throwing in the towel on the workplace hijinx. We're going to miss Michael, Dwight, Pam,

Kent State LB Andre Parker Returns Fumbled Punt 58 Yards in the Wrong Direction


Here’s Yankee Cody Eppley Getting Hit in the Head With a Ball, An Event He Claims He Didn’t Notice

Baseball players getting hit in the head is funny. When the unfortunate soul is a New York Yankee, well, it’s the apex of comedy.

The Houston Astros Author One of the Worst Baseball Plays You’ll Ever See

The Houston Astros are far and away the worst team in Major League Baseball. A singular play in last night’s loss to the Washington Nationals

Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez Hits a Foul Ball, Rounds Bases, Doesn’t Score

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez never passes up an opportunity to show off his blinding speed or how “hard” he plays the game. Yesterday, he

The San Diego Fireworks Show Was Just the Worst

As in many places around our great country, the good people of San Diego were fired up for a fireworks extravaganza last night. To say

This is the Worst Possible Way to Lose a Baseball Game

This is a brutal way to lose a baseball game. It’s also a terribly stupid way to lose a baseball game. Watch closely because I

This Collection of Best 2012 News Bloopers Seems a Little Premature, Is Still Funny

News bloopers are rarely not funny. This well-done collection of clips doesn't disappoint.

Apparently Last Night’s Heat/Celtics Game Ended In A Tie

According to a Maine television station, last night's Heat/Celtics Game ended in a tie. This means that the Heat still lead the series, with a

Hawk Harrelson Informs Us the Sacks Are Packed With Seamen

It’s been an interesting week for Chicago White Sox fan and announcer Hawk Harrelson. First, he lost his mind when umpire Mark Wegner

Watching This ‘Muppets’ Blooper Reel is a Good Use of Your Time

The Muppets are a lot of things. Timeless. Inventive. Funny. But they’re not exactly the most professional. Here’s an extended blooper reel from their latest

Kansas City Royals’ Humberto Quintero Turned In a Hilarious Swing

Kansas City Royals catcher Humberto Quintero got a chance to play under the bright lights of Yankee Stadium last night. He used the opportunity to

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Knows His Dirty Movies

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared on a special celebrity installment of “Jeopardy” last night and provided deep insight into his personal life through an erroneous buzz-in.

Golfer Harris English Knocked Out a Volunteer With Errant Tee Shot

Harris English is a PGA rookie playing in The Players Championship this weekend, and he’s actually doing quite well. But his lasting legacy