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Minor League Hockey Player Suffers Most Grotesque Injury to Face Imaginable

We need you to know that what you’re about to look at can’t be unseen and it’s only for BIG BOYS and BIG GIRLS who

Bloody Skate That Cut AHL Player’s Leg is a Photo of the Year Contender

This is something you can’t un-see.

Here’s Spanish Bullfighter Fernando Cruz Getting Gored Over and Over

Bullfighter Fernando Cruz is in serious but stable condition after being gored in the abdomen multiple times at an event in Madrid. The pictures and

Bryce Harper Hit a Wall With His Bat, Cut His Face Open

Bryce Harper fell victim to his own youthful exuberance yesterday. In the process of going 0-for-5 and striking out three times, the Washington Nationals rookie

Sidney Crosby Takes Puck to Face, Bleeds All Over Ice

Sidney Crosby can’t catch a break. Playing in just his ninth game since a prolonged absence due to concussions, the Pittsburgh Penguins star