Blonde Versus Brunette: What Are The Actual Differences?


I’m sure a lot of feminists out there may be reading this title and thinking to themselves (and their twitter followers) that it’s irresponsible for me to perpetuate such superficial stereotypes among women.

blondes and fireworks

‘Blondes And Fireworks Do Not Mix’ Is The Name Of This Video, And It’s Pretty Obvious Why


It's frustrating sometimes when the title of a video or article gives away too much, but in the case of 'Blondes and Fireworks Do Not Mix' I find myself completely cool with the author telling me upfront what I'm going to see.

girls girls girls

Blonde Babes Weigh in on Age-Old Blondes vs. Brunettes Debate


From the looks of these pictures, they seem to have more fun.

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