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Blake Griffin Just Got Super Punched in the Dick

Very ouch.

P.J. Tucker Was Ejected for Whacking Blake Griffin in the Head

Fight, fight!

Blake Griffin Destroyed Kris Humphries With a Dunk

At this point in time, there is no reason for a defender to try to stop a person who intends to dunk. Only bad things

Short Human Jumps Over Blake Griffin to Dunk Basketball

Blake Griffin dunked over a Kia. Young Hollywood dunked over Blake Griffin. There’s a clear winner in this battle.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks NBA Players to Read Mean Tweets

The vast majority of these may be made up by Jimmy Kimmel's staff (we don't have the energy to verify it) but that doesn't make

A Between-the-Legs Alley-Oop to Blake Griffin is as Awesome as it Sounds

The Los Angeles Clippers are basically running a slam dunk contest during games at this point.

Serge Ibaka Punches Blake Griffin in the Nuts, Receives Light Punishment

Serge Ibaka took – and landed -- a pretty blatant shot at Blake Griffin’s nuts during today’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers game.

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Were Predictably Hilarious on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Last Night

Kimmel continues to pull out big guests in his first week in the 11:35 p.m. time slot. Last night L.A. Clippers,  Blake Griffin and Chris

Here’s Further Proof Blake Griffin Is the Funniest Athlete Alive

I'm not quite sure what Rainn Wilson is doing with his new YouTube series "Metaphysical Milkshake"—a show that promises to talk about life's big questions

Blake Griffin May Be Off Team USA; the ‘Brow Reports to Training Camp

Big news out of Team USA's basketball camp in Las Vegas today: Blake Griffin injured his left leg in a scrimmage Wednesday and returned to

Sports Links of July 10th, Presented by Blake Griffin

Here are today's sports links:

Blake Griffin Seems to Still Have That Dunking Thing Down

Can you imagine these Team U.S.A. practices? After watching the 1992 Dream Team doc, I want nothing more than to be a fly on the

Blake Griffin’s Greatest Slams Get Transformed into ‘NBA Jam’

Blake Griffin's gravity-defying dunks seem almost video game-ish. Now Griffin's dunks are actually in a video game.

36-Year-Old Tim Duncan’s Amazing Block on Blake Griffin’s Dunk Attempt

Old man Tim Duncan and his San Antonio Spurs denied the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers once again on Saturday night.

Watch the Los Angeles Clippers’ Insane Comeback Against the Memphis Grizzlies

The Los Angeles Clippers authored the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs last night, going on a 28-3 run to

Hatorade: The National Anthem is Played Out and Blake Griffin Can’t Commit an Offensive Foul

When the radio-friendly members of The Fray strode to the microphone at center court before the opening tip of the national championship, expectations were low.

Check Out Blake Griffin’s Dirty Put-Back Dunk Over Pau Gasol

When it comes to making a rim thunderclap, absolutely no one can dunk like Blake Griffin. In this exciting sequence of events, Griffin

Blake Griffin’s Huge Dunk on a Frightened Channing Frye

There was a Los Angeles Clippers game last night, so of course there was a dynamite dunk by Blake Griffin.

Jason Smith Flagrantly Fouls/Checks Blake Griffin

Nobody wants to be in Blake Griffin's highlight reel or poster, but Jason Smith made sure that he would not be dunked on

Watch Blake Griffin Dunk All Over the Celtics

Blake Griffin played in an NBA game last night, so it would be easy to say that there were Blake Griffin dunk highlights. 

Watch Blake Griffin Sky Over the Nuggets for a Monster Slam

Why wait til Saturday night to see epic dunks? Blake Griffin started his own personal slam dunk contest on Wednesday.

Head Scratching Hook-Ups, Mighty Dunks, the Great One’s New Company, and Super Bowl Survivors

Super Bowl weekend is always an unabashed sh*tfest but saying goodbye to the NFL is always bitter sweet. It's like the org*sm of professional sports;

Now Let’s Watch Blake Griffin Posterize Kendrick Perkins with the Best Dunk of the Year So Far

So this Clippers-Thunder game really turned into some fireworks, eh? In the third quarter, Blake Griffin managed to one-up those back-to-back-to-back-to-back threes from

Watch Blake Griffin Demolish a Defender with a Huge Dunk

Hey! It's the first noteable dunk of the 2012 Blake Griffin Show. Acting on an assist from Chris Paul, Griffin gives Ersan İlyasova

Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian Peterson, and Ron Artest are ‘Lockout Professionals’

To no one's surprise, the lockouts were easy targets for Seth Meyers and company at the ESPY's last night. Alas, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian

Every Single Blake Griffin Dunk from the 2010-2011 NBA Season in One Magnificent Highlight Reel

214. That's the magical number of dunks Blake Griffin slammed during the 2010-2011 NBA season. Like adult entertainment for hoops junkies, each and every single

VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Massive Dunk Over Marcin Gortat Draws Charging Call, Technical

Is this a video of Blake Griffin's latest spectacular dunk? Sort of. It's actually a video of the Clipper star's sixth foul in today's game

VIDEO: Blake Griffin Dunks Over a Car

Spike Lee losing his shit? Check. Gospel choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly"? Double check. Baron Davis assisting rookie sensation Blake Griffin with a

VIDEO: Blake Griffin and John Wall Connect on Alley-Oop Bounce-Pass Dunk; Plus, All of Blake’s Dunks

Is there anything half as interesting about this year's NBA All-Star Game as the debut of Blake Griffin? Is anyone actually going to the weekend

Did Blake Griffin Deserve a Spot on the Western Conference All-Star Team?

The reserve squads for the NBA All-Star teams were announced and the big controversy isn't that the Celtics landed four players on the Eastern team,

VIDEO: Sports Guy Goes Nuts Over Another Blake Griffin Dunk

Yet another monster alley-oop dunk from Blake Griffin? These are becoming weekly occurrences around these parts, but this one has a little added bonus: a

Blake Griffin Continues NBA Fireworks, This Time By Making an Alley-Oop Look Like a Piece of Cake

On Monday The Blake Show wowed the basketball world by scoring 47 points and making 19 of 24 shots against the Pacers. Last night Blake

VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Monster Alley-Oop Dunk on the Nuggets from Last Night

Basketball fans everywhere are hyperventialiting this morning over Blake Griffin's monster alley-oop dunk via Baron Davis in last night's game against the Nuggets. Wanna see

VIDEO: Blake Griffin’s Two Explosive Dunks Announce His Arrival in the NBA

How great is it to see Blake Griffin finally playing in the NBA, finally giving some hope to the Clipper faithful? Last night he poured