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Why the New BBM Is Dumb as Shit

Why the fuck... would I want... a Blackberry app... to text people... ON MY IPHONE?? 

Today in Terrible Ideas, the BlackBerry 10 Tells Your Friends When You’re Watching Porn

Cell phones have a complicated relationship with porn. On the surface, you'd think it'd be the perfect coupling: Small, easily transportable magic Internet-connecting device +

The 7 Types of Mobile Photo Uploads That Make Life More Interesting

Fact: Facebook makes life more interesting. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg & Co., we're able to be constantly reminded just how weird our friends and family

Every Planet Is Being Impacted By the Blackberry Outage, Reports CNN

Were you affected by the RIM outage yesterday like the rest of the world? Yeah, me too. There was a weird, Twilight-zone moment when absolutely

Are You One of the 33 People that Gilbert Arenas Classifies as ‘Best at Fellatio’ on His Blackberry?

Gilbert Arenas is either putting on an act in an attempt to be the Kenny Powers of the NBA or he really just is cocky

Photos, Details of New BlackBerry Curve and Dakota Leaked

I can't see myself ever switching to an iPhone. I just don't need an App that helps me locate the nearest KFC/Taco Bell combo-store.

Is Kik Messenger the Next BBM?

The application "Kik Messenger" is skyrocketing in numbers. It's grown 1,400% in under a month. What is it? It's an app you can download on

RIM Announces BlackBerry PlayBook, the ‘First Professional Tablet’

There's something ironic about "PlayBook," the name of RIM's first ever BlackBerry tablet, which was just announced this afternoon. The 7-inch device is in fact

Taking the Keyboard/Touch Screen-Hybrid BlackBerry Torch 9800 for a Test Drive

You asked for it, you got it. After we first announced Blackberry’s unveiling of the Torch 9800 and its emerging details, there was a lot