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10 Gifts That Women Think Are Blow Job Worthy, By Tasha Reign

Who better then ME to give advice on two of my favorite things: Gifts and Blow Jobs?! I absolutely adore both things - that is,

Bro’s Penis + College Chick With Braces = Emergency Room Hell, Plus Is Not Always Wanting Sex Weird?

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here and I'll do my mediocre-ist to answer them.

Bro Gets Head on the Subway While He Conceals His Girlfriend’s Head by Pretending to Read a Book

Power move from Captain Chubby Chaser. Just fulfilling his own dreams of getting blown on public transportation by a BBW. Although her technique isn't very

5 Worst Places to Get a Blow Job

Some would say that there is no such thing as a bad place to get a blow job, and most of the time, we would

Post Blow Job Problems

In his latest video, Jimmy tackles the dreaded after BJ kiss. Or, perhaps it tackles him. 

Stand-Up Comedian Colin Kane’s Epic Rant About Getting Great Head

Our old stand-up comedian friend Colin Kane just dropped this fantastic new video breaking down what constitutes a great BJ. Check it out