hip hop

Elderly Rapper Lays Down A Sick Track About How He’s Crushed More Poon Than Hugh Hefner


This 70-year-old by the name of Bitcoin the Rapper has burst onto the scene in the six days, dropping hit after hit after hit.


If You’re Going to MIT This Fall (You Nerd), You Get $100 in Bitcoin


Thanks to the efforts of two students, all 4,500 undergraduates at MIT will receive $100 in Bitcoin this fall.

Kanye West

The Future of Cryptocurrency is Kanye West


Bitcoin is the deregulated, online-only currency with a value that rose and fell drastically in 2013.

college life

An Auburn Student Made a Small Bitcoin Fortune Just By Holding Up a ‘College GameDay’ Sign


Nothing that happened in Auburn this weekend can touch the insanity of Chris Davis' Iron Bowl-winning play.


FBI Shuts Down Online Drug Marketplace


Bad news for Bros who hoped bitcoin and e-commerce were the way to risk-free drug purchases.

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