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This Dog Has No Time For Stupid People Shenanigans

He does not give a fuck.

Stephon Marbury Enjoyed a Fairly Epic Birthday Cake Facial

Stephon Marbury is an interesting dude who does interesting things. The one-time NBA star celebrated his 37th birthday in a […]

The Detriot Lions Are Wishing Jim Caldwell a Happy Birthday With a Terrible MS Paint Job


Charlie Sheen’s Birthday Message is Funnier Than Yours

Things between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller aren’t exactly super-friendly right now. The occasional actress’ request to have a restraining order against the actor was

Rather Than Buying ‘Bottles and Blow’ for His 25th Birthday, NYC Bro Buys $600 Worth of McDonalds

... And gives it all away to the underprivileged. Here's the story, sent to us via a tipster:  On October 8th, 2013, 25-year-old Joseph Perlson decided that

LeBron James Gave His Son an XBox-Shaped Birthday Cake

It can’t be easy to have LeBron James for a father. He’s constantly in the spotlight and gets more than his fair share of scrutiny

Stop Telling Me Happy Birthday on Facebook

As of 4:00 p.m. today, 36 people have written on my Facebook wall for accomplishing the gargantuan task of not arriving on this Earth stillborn

BOOOSH! Uncle Smahes 6-Year-Old Nephew’s Face In Birthday Cake, Entire Family Turns on Him

The people who live on YouTube are saying this is fake and maybe it is. But why would someone go through all the trouble of

This is the Sexiest NFL Birthday Cake You’ll Ever See

Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes recently celebrated his 30th birthday. His party was not held at the workplace because it was very NSFW. Well, the

‘Gotta Be the Shoes’: ESPN Celebrates Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday

In less than a week, the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan turns 50-years-old (that is unfathomable to me) and ESPN is using the milestone to reflect on

Nothing Spices Up a Bro’s 16th Birthday Party Like a Couple of Strippers

Strippers and 15-year-olds. Sounds like a perfect storm for some premature ejac.