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Bill Simmons Says the ’88 Dunk Contest Was Rigged for Jordan to Win

Maybe the least shocking thing we've ever heard.

Bill Simmons Was Not Happy about His Lack of Airtime, Bitched About It

Let him talk, dammit.

Jon Hamm Joined Bill Simmons For the B.S. Report While Wearing a Neat Hat

Jon Hamm will host tonight’s ESPY Awards. That alone is reason to watch. The man behind Donald Draper sat down with Bill Simmons to talk

The Cleveland Cavaliers Picked Anthony Bennett No. 1 and Everyone FREAKED OUT

Anthony Bennett is the most surprising top overall pick in NBA Draft history. People reacted accordingly – including David Stern and ESPN analyst Bill Simmons.

Bill Simmons’ Memphis Grizzlies Breakdown Involved Martin Luther King’s Assassination

Bill Simmons’ podcast is a wonderful product. It’s thought-provoking, honest, and well-structured. But it’s also a place where wild theories are welcome – like the

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons

On Wednesday night Jimmy Kimmel brought back his former employee, ESPN's Bill Simmons, to shoot the shit about basketball, his friendship with Magic Johnson, and

Jalen Rose Explains How NBA Players Keep Their Wives Away From Their Girlfriends During Games

NBA players have a lot on their minds during games. They have to know the offensive sets, the defensive rotations, and who to foul in

Bill Walton Made Ray Lewis and Bill Simmons Jokes Last Night, Because Bill Walton DON’T CARE

The big news in Bristol this week was the Mothership's decision to suspend Bill Simmons from Twitter after he (correctly) called "First Take" out on its

Bill Hader Explains How He Does ‘Stefon’ to Bill Simmons in a Funny Video

Stefon—long one of the best recurring characters on "Saturday Night Live"—was sorely missing in the post-Sandy SNL shows, as Brandon correctly pointed out a few

Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose to Join ESPN NBA Countdown, Making Show Actually Watchable

ESPN's NBA Countdown spent last season as sort of the bastard cousin of TNT's pregame show. It's not worth going through why each individual member

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to Move Up to 11:35, Kimmel Says They Might ‘Cut Back on Penis Jokes’

"Jimmy Kimmel Live," which has occupied the unusual 12:05 a.m. spot since its inception a decade ago, will move to 11:35 p.m. on weekdays starting

What’s Do We Make of this Mark Cuban-Bill Simmons Feud?

In his enjoyable "Game of Thrones"/NBA off-season column today, Bill Simmons couldn't help but throw some shots at Mark Cuban for the Mavericks' failure to

Bill Simmons Interviewed Barack Obama About Linsanity, College Football Playoffs and More

If you love Bill Simmons, Barack Obama, wasting company time, or all three, then Bill's interview with the President will really make your day. About

VIDEO: Sports Guy Goes Nuts Over Another Blake Griffin Dunk

Yet another monster alley-oop dunk from Blake Griffin? These are becoming weekly occurrences around these parts, but this one has a little added bonus: a

VIDEO: David Garrard’s Hail Mary Proves Bill Simmons’s ‘Law of Gus Johnson’

Another Sunday, another incredible come-from-behind NFL victory that comes complete with a patented Gus Johnson org*smic touchdown call. This time, it was the Jaguars' David

Bill Simmons’s Tweet Confirmed: Randy Moss Traded to Vikings

If you haven't heard by now, the Patriots are close to trading wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 2011 third-round pick. Moss