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Bill Murray Enjoys Soft-Serve Just Like the Rest of Us

Ah, breaking news about the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Murray: Turns out he enjoys soft serve just like the rest of us!

Bill Murray Did It Again! This Time He Crashed a Couple’s Engagement Photo Shoot

Bill Murray continues his lifelong tour of Bill Murray-ness..

What Your Favorite Bill Murray Movie Says About You

Let me tell you about my boat.

VIDEO: Bill Murray Crashes a Boston College Bro’s Bachelor Party, Gives an Epic Speech

Bill Fucking Murray does it again!

Bill Murray Took On Ben Affleck’s Batman

Bat Murray.

Bill Murray’s Harry Caray Impression is Still On Point

Holy cow.

Bill Murray Took a Selfie with Lady Gaga and David Letterman, Because Bill Murray Is the Man

When Bill Murray goes on Letterman, a special type of magic happens.

Bill Murray Wingmans For a Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran, Hooks Him Up with a Group of Hot Chicks

Do you need another amazing reason to love Bill Murray or what?

Here’s National Treasure Bill Murray Performing Cover Songs with a Band

For 45 minutes at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant on Friday night, Bill Murray entertained a crowd.

Bill Murray Is Wearing PBR Pants on a Golf Course Because Bill Murray Is the Coolest Man Alive

ALERT: Bill Murray owns PBR pants.

Bill Murray’s Tips for Boozing Are the Greatest Thing Ever

Bill Murray is already the man, but you'll appreciate him even more when you read about his tips for getting his drink on.

Bill Murray Wins the Oscars With This Tribute to Harold Ramis

This > Ellen’s selfies and pizza delivery all day. Presenting the award for Best Cinematography, Bill Murray gave an awesome […]

Is A ‘Groundhog Day’ Musical In The Works? Yes. Is A ‘Groundhog Day’ Musical In The Works? Yes

Groundhog Day, the beloved flick in which Bill Murray relives the same day over and over again, is being turned into a musical. It will

Someone Turned Abraham Lincoln’s Face into Bill Murray’s on a Five Dollar Bill

It's the five dollar Bill Murray. What else would it be called? Here's Abe's original face if you want the comparision. 

Very Rare, Awesome Footage of Bill Murray Performing Tongue Twisters

Do you need more reasons to love Billy Murray? Watch this... 

Bill Murray’s Very Best Sports Moments

While there seems to be countless moments when Murray and sports came together to create something almost always more awesome—and certainly more funny—there are some

The Trailer for Wes Anderson’s New Movie, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

The trailer for Wes Anderson's new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is vintage Wes Anderson. Yellow lettering, kitschy setting, Adrien Brody. All it's missing is a Kinks

Bill Murray Threw Chairs, Wore a Liberace Suit, and Sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ on ‘Letterman’

If you missed it live because Time Warner Cable is evil, Bill Murray went on Letterman's 20th anniversary show last night to deliver a comedic

Trey Parker Cried, Matt Stone Lost His Shit When They Met Bill Murray

This is a pretty amazing story about meeting your idols, told by Bill Hader to the Nerdist podcast:

Watch Harry Caray and Bill Murray Have Delightful Interview Before Wrigley Field’s First Night Game

The Chicago Cubs do things a little differently. For instance, this will be the 105th consecutive year without a World Series title on the North

Michael Shannon Tells David Letterman a Funny Story About Bill Murray on the Set of ‘Groundhog Day’

We may best know Michael Shannon as the excellent Agent Nelson Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire, but as a much younger fellow Shannon played a

Bill Murray’s Mustache at the Golden Globes Should Win All the Awards (GIF)

ERMAHGERD, LOOK AT THAT THING. Is he playing a drunk civil war colonel in his next movie? Regardless, AMAZING.  Bill Murray, Bro of the year,

5 Takeaways from Bill Murray’s Funny New Profile in GQ

Bill Murray has always been the guy we all want to be: Successful, rich, and wildly famous, yes, but also someone who's lived by his

It’s Time to Slam Now: Lessons Learned from Watching ‘Space Jam’ As an Adult

“Love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2.” - LeBron James.

Bill Murray Crashes a Kickball League, Continues to be the Coolest Dude In the World

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon of kickball leaguin' in New York City. Especially when it's party-crashed by the coolest Bro in the world, Bill Murray.

Bill Murray Leads ‘America’ Chant at Ryder Cup, Once Again Proving His Master Bro Status

The Ryder Cup takes place at Medinah this weekend, so Chicago native Bill Murray was around yesterday to play in a pro-am celebrity kickoff event.

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Master Bro, Bill Murray

Bill Murray, much like Hugh Hefner--is on the high council of Bros. From SNL, to Ghostbusters and Zombieland, when you see his name in the

This Bill F*cking Murray Tribute Is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

Stop everything. The best damn thing on the Internet today is Eclectic Method's remix tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Motherf*cking Murray. It's pretty

In Which ‘Groundhog Day’ Perfectly Explains the Internet

Courtesy of Redditor, monster_hugs, comes a spot-on explanation of today's Internet in the most awesome form: a scene from "Groundhog Day." 

Bill Murray Dives on Tarp During Minor League Rain Delay, Is Chronically Awesome

Reason #4257 Bill Murray is The Man: Yesterday during the Charleston RiverDogs' rain delay, Murray entertained fans by using the infield tarp as a makeshift

Bill Murray Drinks Rum and Gives a Tour of His New Movie, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

This weekend Wes Anderson's new movie, 'Moonrise Kingdom' hits theaters nationwide. I'm a complete sucker for any Wes Anderson flick, especially when it features Bill

Best Links of the Web for September 21 Presented By Bill Murray, Because Today’s His Birthday

Today is the 61st birthday of one of my favorite actors of all time: Billy Murray. He's absolutely The Man and a legend in his

PHOTOS: This Is What It Looks Like to Party with Bill Murray

Confession: I'm a rabid Bill Murray evangelist who regularly quotes "Where the Buffalo Roam" on a scene-for-scene basis. Compared to half the jabronis in infesting