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Bill Murray Drove A Guy’s Taxi Around Just So He Could Listen To Him Play The Sax


Just when it seems impossible for Bill Murray do anything more cool he goes and one-ups himself with yet another story of him doing something you can hardly believe: like taking over a cabbie's taxi so he could hear him play the saxophone.

Bill Murray

A question that needs to be asked — who’s the next Bill Murray?


Recently, my friend Seth was at the gym (He’ll love that I name -dropped him and said he was at the gym) when a young lady came up to him and inquired about his T-shirt.

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Bill Murray Enjoys Soft-Serve Just Like the Rest of Us


Ah, breaking news about the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Murray: Turns out he enjoys soft serve just like the rest of us.


Bill Murray crashes couples’ engagement photo, once again is ‘the man’


Bill Murray, in his never ending quest to be the nicest celebrity ever, crashed the engagement photo of a couple he had never met before.

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