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Bill Hader to Star in His Own HBO Show, Which Should Be Terrific

If you didn't already think HBO knows what the hell it's doing, this year it gave Mike Judge and John Oliver their own shows.

Like ‘Star Wars’? Then Watch Bill Hader Impersonate ‘Star Wars’ Characters From ‘Conan’ Last Night

Bill Hader went on Conan last night and made his plea to J.J. Abrams for a part in the next Star Wars by impersonating the

Bill Hader Visited Conan to Tell Him the Story of a Crazy Cabbie Encounter

Bill Hader dropped by Conan to talk about his recent departure from Saturday Night Live, and how being on SNL was sort of like being

Bill Hader Called This ‘SNL’ Sketch with Justin Bieber ‘The Greatest Trainwreck Ever’

Back in May, we posted a video of Bill Hader talking to Howard Stern about how big of a diva Justin Bieber was during his

Bill Hader Slammed Justin Bieber While Talking to Howard Stern

Turns out Biebs is a bit of a DIVA. No shock there. Surprised someone isn't next to him at all times playing the role of

Bill Hader Is Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live is losing one of its funniest cast members. Bill Hader, who joined the show eight years ago, announced today in an interview

Bill Hader Explains How He Does ‘Stefon’ to Bill Simmons in a Funny Video

Stefon—long one of the best recurring characters on "Saturday Night Live"—was sorely missing in the post-Sandy SNL shows, as Brandon correctly pointed out a few

David Letterman and Bill Hader Chugged Tequila on TV Last Night

Does Letterman just not care anymore?

Highlights of Charles Barkley Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Charles Barkley hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night for the third time and in one of his skits he has a commercial for

Video: ‘SNL’ Apparently Cut Its Funniest Skit from Saturday’s Show

I don't watch too much SNL. Show generally sucks an a**hole. Aside from a decent host, and maybe one or two others, Bill Hader is