The Skeleton Twins

Reporter Experiences EPIC Live Fail When He Mentions Kristin Wiig’s Nude Scene


Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader were making the rounds promoting their new movie The Skeleton Twins with local media in Denver when reporter Chris Parente, who has TOTALLY seen the movie, asks Wiig about her nude scene in the film.

celebrity impressions

Bill Hader Busted Out Some Spot-On Impressions Of His Former ‘SNL’ Castmates


Bill Hader showed up to visit Conan last night to talk about his new film with Kristen Wiig, The Skeleton Twins, but thankfully, just like in previous visits, Hader broke out a few dead-on impressions.


Bill Hader to Star in His Own HBO Show, Which Should Be Terrific


If you didn't already think HBO knows what the hell it's doing, this year it gave Mike Judge and John Oliver their own shows.


Richard Simmons really went for it on last night’s ‘Kimmel’


Richard Simmons has been out of the limelight for a while after years of prancing around and getting people healthy.

Conan O'Brien

Bill Hader Visited Conan to Tell Him the Story of a Crazy Cabbie Encounter


Bill Hader dropped by Conan to talk about his recent departure from Saturday Night Live, and how being on SNL was sort of like being on a hometown sports team--specifically in terms of how locals would go out of their way to assess his performance in a brutally honest way.

Phillip Baker Hall

Larry David and John Hamm ‘Clear History’ trailer


HBO Films doesn't have a great track record, but the Clear History trailer starring Larry David and John Hamm gives reason for hope.

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Bill Hader Called This ‘SNL’ Sketch with Justin Bieber ‘The Greatest Trainwreck Ever’


Back in May, we posted a video of Bill Hader talking to Howard Stern about how big of a diva Justin Bieber was during his Saturday Night Live hosting appearance this past season.

The To Do List trailer

New ‘The To-Do List’ red band trailer


Aubrey Plaza wants to have as much crazy sex as possible before going to college.


Bill Hader leaving ‘SNL’ after this week


Bill Hader is leaving SNL after eight years of domination.

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