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Watch Bill Gates Take The Ice Bucket Challenge To The Next Level

What a one-upper.

Bill Gates Posted This Excellent Video After Doing a Reddit AMA

Has anyone had a greater transformation from evil nerd to chill guy you’d love to hang with? Bill Gates just […]

Bill Gates Says ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ Was a Mistake

During a talk at Harvard University on Sept. 21, Bill Gates admitted that Control-Alt-Delete—the three-button combination that made even the dumbest Windows user feel like

The 25 Coolest Celebrity Homes

Calling a celebrity home cool only works when they have 13 fireplaces, a bowling alley, two pools, and several other features

Watch Bill Gates Detail His Last Visit with Steve Jobs

Bill Gates was the subject of a big 60 Minutes profile last night. It was pretty fascinating. Everyone knows that Gates has reinvented himself over