hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress Got Death Threats After His Bill Cosby Remarks


Hannibal Buress dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday down in Austin.

bill cosby

Here’s A Life-Sized Statue Of Naked Bill Cosby With Fat Albert As His Cock & Balls, Because ART!


The first family of 'naked celebrity sculpting' will soon unveil a naked statue of Bill Cosby with the animated character 'Fat Albert' as his genitals.

south park

‘South Park’ Let Us Know What Would Happen If Bill Cosby And Taylor Swift Sat On A Couch Together


Comedy Central We knew South Park was going to do something inappropriate with Bill Cosby's character on their holiday special.

bill cosby

Watch Bill Cosby Try To Browbeat An AP Reporter Into ‘Scuttling’ Sexual Assault Questions


Bill Cosby has been all over the news lately with one accusation of sexual assault after another being reported by various news services.


Eminem Slowed Down To Half-Speed Sounds Just Like Bill Cosby


I suppose it makes sense that when you slow down the last 30 seconds of Eminem's new "Shady CXVPHER Freestyle" to half speed he sounds just like he's Bill Cosby doing a comedy bit from back in the day.

the colbert report

Watch Stephen Colbert Get Painfully Thrown Off By Bill Cosby Being Weird As Hell During An ‘Interview’


I don't know what Bill Cosby went on The Colbert Report to promote, but for some reason I doubt that it was Betsy Ross or the "zzz psuzzz buzz buzz" sounds he made around the 3:00 mark.


Bill Cosby talking about sex at age 77 is inappropriately hilarious


While the thought of Bill Cosby at age 77 having sex with his wife, age 70, isn't something I really want to think about, his telling a graphic (for him) story about it somehow makes it okay.

Lindsay Lohan

The 1995 Jell-O commercial Lindsay Lohan and Bill Cosby don’t want people to see


Bill Cosby and Lindsay Lohan did a Jell-O commercial together back in 1995 and this is where all her issues began.


Pudding Pops For Everybody! Bill Cosby Returning To NBC


According to “Kenny’s older brother”, and reputable sources at Deadline Hollywood, Bill Cosby will return to NBC to star in a family comedy.

tv fathers

Supercut: TV dads give the best advice


So your dad doesn't give you the best advice in the world.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Bill Cosby dances like a lunatic on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’


Bill Cosby is mostly known for the bleeble blabble and the Jello Pudding Pops at this point.

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