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Someone Swapped In Bill Burr for Scarlett Johansson in ‘Her’ and It’s Awesome

You can take a couple feet of dick out of your ass...

Bill Burr Hilariously Explains to Conan Why He’s Rooting For Justin Bieber

Bill Burr is one of our favorite comedians here at BroBible. Justin Bieber is one of our lease favorite people here at BroBible. But last

Bill Burr Had Hilarious Mental Breakdown Promoting Shari’s Berries on His Podcast, Wins EVERYTHING

I swear that headline is not a lie, and we are also not being paid anything to post this on behalf of Shari or her

Comedian Bill Burr Brilliantly Dissects the Paula Deen Situation

Dear Bill Burr's Handlers,

Sunday Night Blues Eraser: Bill Burr Takes on the Entire City of Philadelphia with Epic Rant

We're gonna try something new here. As "the Sunday guy," I have made it my self-appointed duty to provide you Bros of America with a

The Great Bill Burr Delivers a Tremendous Standup Performance on Nerds and the Election

It's silly and pointless to rank comics, since comedy is such a subjective medium. So we're not going to say whether Bill Burr is bringing

Bill Burr on How To Argue with a Woman and Win

A few weeks back we kicked off our new, Wednesday night comedy series, "Stand-Up Comedian You Need to Know About." But then we got pre-occupied