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Bill Burr With A Scathingly Hilarious Reminder That Only Losers Watch The NFL Draft


One of the funniest bits stand-up comedy legend Bill Burr has ever done was last year when he talked about people who watch the NFL Draft and how silly it all is.


Bill Burr Continues To Be One Of The Funniest Bros Alive With This Take On Why Only Morons Shop On Black Friday


Bill Burr is making a strong case for being one of the funniest stand up comics working right now.

late night tv

Bill Burr Thinks Women Secretly Want To Ruin The NFL, Is Also A Big Fan Of Fat Shaming


Team Coco I am a HUGE fan of Bill Burr's comedy; his delivery and general tone slay me.


What if the voice of Scarlet Johansson in ‘Her’ was replaced with Bill Burr?


Humans have such an intimate relationship with technology that a romantic attachment isn't out of the realm of possibility.


Bill Burr Hilariously Explains to Conan Why He’s Rooting For Justin Bieber


Bill Burr is one of our favorite comedians here at BroBible.

sharis berries

Bill Burr Had Hilarious Mental Breakdown Promoting Shari’s Berries on His Podcast, Wins EVERYTHING


I swear that headline is not a lie, and we are also not being paid anything to post this on behalf of Shari or her berries.


Bill Burr has got the phoniness of feminism all figured out


Feminism can be an important thing when fighting for women's equality.


This is Dave Chappelle bombing and walking off during a show


Dave Chappelle has become known for his elusiveness and strange personality almost as much as all of the brilliant things he did as a comedian.

racist tv stars

Jimmy Fallon pros and cons of hiring Paula Deen


Jimmy Fallon used an industrial scale to weigh the pros and cons of hiring disgraced lard aficionado, Paula Deen.

stand up video

The Great Bill Burr Delivers a Tremendous Standup Performance on Nerds and the Election


It's silly and pointless to rank comics, since comedy is such a subjective medium.

stand up videos

Bill Burr on How To Argue with a Woman and Win


A few weeks back we kicked off our new, Wednesday night comedy series, "Stand-Up Comedian You Need to Know About.

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