Bro Tries To Pick Up Some Chick On A Motorcycle, Gets Cockblocked By Old Man On A Scooter


There's not much love between motorcyclists and the jabronis who ride motor-scooters, and as we can see in this video sometimes that hatred can cause the streets to run red with cockblocking.


Watch First-Person POV As A Motorcyclist Races His Way Out Of A High Speed Chase With The Cops


I'm going to assume that since this motorcyclist was in a high speed chase with officers, AND willing to take extreme measures to get away, that he did in fact deserve to be arrested.


Bro Tries To Jump BMX Bike Into River, Dog Has Other Ideas For Him


You're just peddling along, trying to pull a sweet trick on your suped up BMX bike and jump it into the river, then out of nowhere the dog runs up and BLOODY HELL.


New York City’s CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass


One thing New Yorkers love to talk about is their home-to-work commute time.

security gadgets

BikeSpike tracks your stolen two-wheeler


If you've decided to use a bike to commute, you'll quickly come across a common problem: Bikes are really, really easy to steal and really, really hard to find once stolen.

xyz spaceframe

XYZ Spaceframe vehicles can be built with crap from the hardware store


Imagine if I told you it was possible to build your own bike-like contraption.

what the hell

Fliz: Because cycling needed to be dorkier


Bicycling is cool if you're going down a mountain or winning the Tour de France.


Snake Slithers Out of Guy’s Bike While Riding at 164 MPH


If you have an Indiana Jones-like fear of snakes, you'll hate this video.


This Brutal, High-Speed Bike Crash Is Downright Terrifying


Via Jimmy Trainia comes the most terrifying bike crash you'll watch today.


Video: Trike Drifting Looks FUN


Another awesome bucket-list item from Devin Supertramp, the YouTube autuer who brought us "The World's Largest Rope Swing," "The Human Slingshot Slip'N Slide", a dodgeball game with 3,975 participants, and "Salt Boarding.

neistat brothers

Video: To Prove a Point, NYC Biker Crashes Into Everything that Obstructs the Bike Lane


After videotaping himself receiving a ticket from NYPD for NOT riding his bicycle in the bike lane, Casey Neistat decided to grab a friend and make a video about the dangers of ALWAYS riding in the bike lane.

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