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Cam Zink Landed a 100-Foot Backflip on a Dirt Bike

Looks easy, right?

Can We All Stop Talking About These Three Things?

Life can be a real miserable place. With family issues, roommates, and relationships everyone already has enough on their plate.

New York City’s CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass

One thing New Yorkers love to talk about is their home-to-work commute time. Depending on where you live and where you work, getting there and

Snake Slithers Out of Guy’s Bike While Riding at 164 MPH

If you have an Indiana Jones-like fear of snakes, you'll hate this video. Just as this Brazilian biker hits over 160 MPH, a big, long

This Brutal, High-Speed Bike Crash Is Downright Terrifying

Via Jimmy Trainia comes the most terrifying bike crash you'll watch today. Two racers slam into the barricade on a sharp turn at

The 12 Best New Mountain Bikes for 2012

Ski season is pretty much done. Unless you live in Colorado or California and plan to catch closing weekends in spring slush, you’ve shifted

Video: Trike Drifting Looks FUN

Another awesome bucket-list item from Devin Supertramp, the YouTube autuer who brought us "The World's Largest Rope Swing," "The Human Slingshot Slip'N Slide",

Video: To Prove a Point, NYC Biker Crashes Into Everything that Obstructs the Bike Lane

After videotaping himself receiving a ticket from NYPD for NOT riding his bicycle in the bike lane, Casey Neistat decided to grab a friend and