instant karma

Motorcyclist Gets Served Heaping Portion Of Instant Karma When Trying To Split Traffic On A Busy Highway


If you're going to ride your motorcycle and not follow traffic laws, eventually you're going to learn firsthand just how awful of an idea that is.

cops vs bikers

Cops On Horseback Stop Biker Doing Wheelies, Lay The British Smack Down


Clearly this biker wasn't into the idea of a high-speed equine chase, because if he had chosen to he could have just busted a u-turn and been gone.


Watch First-Person POV As A Motorcyclist Races His Way Out Of A High Speed Chase With The Cops


I'm going to assume that since this motorcyclist was in a high speed chase with officers, AND willing to take extreme measures to get away, that he did in fact deserve to be arrested.

motorcycle gang

Bikers attack innocent motorist but his girlfriend gets the worst of it


This guy and his girlfriend were minding their own business when a gang of bikers surrounded their car.

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