Ariana Grande And Big Sean Have Reportedly Broken Up


I can’t imagine what Ariana Grande’s relationship with Big Sean has been like recently, considering that Justin Bieber groped her on stage and just yesterday Grande’s Dad warned Big Sean about “giving her that D” via Instagram.


Ariana Grande’s Dad Warns Big Sean About ‘Giving Her That D’ On Instagram


It is very unwise to get on the bad side of a girl's father.


University Students Passing Around Petition To Get Big Sean Banned From Performing At Spring Party


Hopefully Big Sean has a "million trillion things he'd rather fuckin' do" on May 3rd because a group of Princeton University students is trying to get his performance on campus canceled.

Kanye West

Meeting Your Heroes Is Amazing


"Loved you in 'Mercy' and 'Clique.

mike posner

Mike Posner Discusses Music, Other Artists, and How He Almost Quit


"This song is about the time I had sex with a ghost" Ke$ha says casually to a sea of people, for whom glitter has supplanted clothing.

Hip hop

Big Sean Seems to Be Taking the Whole ‘Getting Murdered on Your Own Song’ Thing Pretty Well


Big Sean recruited Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica to appear on his new song "Control.

words from your mother big sean

Big Sean’s mom reads his lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel has been killing it with the sketches, and you can add another to the list of greats.

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