This Piggyback Ride Hockey Check Is Wild


OK, so I'll save you the "they do things a little differently in Russia" angle here because this is nothing more than a freak occurrence.

college football

Georgia Tech Punter Gets Suplexed After A Punt-Fake Goes Terribly Right


Yes, you read that headline correctly: Technically everything about this Georgia Tech punt-fake went terribly right.

high school football

Tennessee Commit Jocquez Bruce Separates A Wide Receiver’s Helmet From Body In Violent Fashion


Everyone is comparing this bone-crushing tackle to the one turned in by Jadeveon Clowney a few years ago.

hockey hits

Would You Like to See a Hockey Player Get Hit So Hard He Cartwheels?


If you're still at work right now, this might be just what your completely checked-out brain needs to see: AHL player Karl Stollery getting trucked by Canucks prospect Darren Archibald.


RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV


As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field.

division 3

Division III Football Player Does Incredible Jadeveon Clowney Impression With Massive Hit


Joshua Scott, of Division III juggernaut Mount Union, laid waste to Ohio Northern receiver Matt Craven.


This Monster Rugby Hit Is Beautiful


Isaia Tuifua is freaking monster for this huge hit.

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