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Would You Like to See a Hockey Player Get Hit So Hard He Cartwheels?

If you're still at work right now, this might be just what your completely checked-out brain needs to see: AHL player Karl Stollery getting trucked by Canucks

Watch a Field Hockey-Playing Bro (…Wait, What?) Lose a Bunch of Teeth on a High Stick

Wait... Bros play field hockey? Wait... Bros lose their TEETH playing field hockey? Is field hockey the next epic Bro sport conquest?!?!?!?!?! Will field hockey

RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV

As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field. 

People Are Calling This the High School Version of Jadeveon Clowney’s Famous Hit

The keyword here is: PEOPLE. Most notably, people that are not me. It's an organ-shifter of a hit, anyone can see that, but the

Division III Football Player Does Incredible Jadeveon Clowney Impression With Massive Hit

Joshua Scott, of Division III juggernaut Mount Union, laid waste to Ohio Northern receiver Matt Craven. The carnage was almost comical.

Watch a Bucknell Safety DESTROY a Sacred Heart Receiver

Damn, damn, DAMN! This made my head hurt just watching it. The Bucknell safety was hunting this guy like a cheetah stalking its prey. Dude gets

This Monster Rugby Hit Is Beautiful

Isaia Tuifua is freaking monster for this huge hit. Can't imagine how much coin Roger Goodell would fine him for this masterful lay-out, but I digress.

Insane High School Football Hit Featured a Full Flip

This massive hit, obscured slightly by the gaudiest watermark in internet history, took place in Georgia. The crowd was rightly thrilled. The player that got

Pee Wee Football Player DESTROYS Linebacker On His Way to the End Zone

This hit reminded me of the lyric, "Move Bitch, get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way. " Kid got

‘The Greatest Hit In Football History,’ According to the Lingerie Football League

The Lingerie Football League loves making ridiculous claims in their press list e-mail blasts. The most recent one is this massive tackle that they're championing

20 Rugby Hits That Will Make Your Bones Hurt

ZOMG.... Is rugby more badass than football? These hits make me think "YES."

Probably the Biggest Lingerie Football Hit Ever

The Lingerie Football League is making headlines today for offering a QB job to recently released Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow. But this is

Minnesota Reporter Gets TRUCKED By Her Cameraman Who Was Real Excited For Last Night’s Game

What the hell was this cameraman thinking? He must secretly hate North Star State reporter Lee Valsvik to give her a shoulder shiver to the

Jadeveon Clowney Monster Hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith Must Be Seen to Be Believed

One more highlight from South Carolina's dramatic victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Here's Jadeveon Clowney rocking Vincent Smith with one of the biggest hits

Nebraska’s Kenny Bell Had a MONSTER Block in the Big Ten Championship Game

Yeah, Wisconsin won pretty easily last night, but Kenny Bell's huge block is like something out of a cartoon. He destroyed Wisconsin’s Devin Smith. Video

FREAKING HUGE Pee Wee Football Player Plows Over a Defender with a Truck Stick For the Ages

Just watching this epic truck stick makes my head hurt. On a rushing play, the gigantic pee wee fullback on the brown team lowers his


Biggest Hits From Australian Football League Makes the NFL Look Like Two-Hand Touch

Christ. They should seriously consider wearing pads. 

The Biggest Lacrosse Hits of 2012

Here are the biggest lacrosse hits of 2012 thus far. A lot of them just so happen to be very illegal. So you know they're

Josh Cribbs Gets Completely Destroyed by Baltimore’s Dannell Ellerbe

Forget firefighters and soldiers. Punt returners are the bravest men in the world.

The Lingerie Football League’s ‘Bitch Slap Heard Around the World’

More web gems from the Lingerie Football League's Canadian league. This week Toronto Triumph's Petshauna "The Locomotive" Pinnock lands a huge slap on Saskatoon Sirens'

The Best Lingerie Football Truck Stick You’ll See Today

Probably also only lingerie football truck stick you'll see today, but still a brutal one. Nikki Johnson of the Regina Rage lowers her shoulders and plows

The Most Brutal Rugby Hit You’ll See Today

South Sydney fullback Greg Inglis laid into St George Illawarra Dragons lock Dean Young with a wicked shoulder hit. He now faces a

Lingerie Football League Practices Filled with Slobberknockers

Last month, we learned that the Lingerie Football League was suspending operations. Did that depressing news spawn a world-class bender? You betcha. But

Watch This 7th Grade Lacrosse Goalie Lay Out a Player On a Penalty Shot with a Huge Hit

Oh my gosh. Not a lot of context here, just an insane hit from the AILA's (American Indoor Lacrosse) 7th/8th grade league. These

Virginia’s Pat Harbeson Delivers the Hardest Lax Hit You’ll See This Week

Via our friends at Lacrosse Playground comes this huge, illegal lacrosse hit by Virginia’s Pat Harbeson. That's Rob Guida from Johns

Is This the Hockey Hit of the Year?

This is Scott Fletcher of the Everblades just demolishing Mike Embach of the Chicago Express. Some folks on the Interwebs are

The Second Biggest PeeWee Football Hit You’ll See Today

Look, the truck-stick in Shamokin was more impressive, but this crack back block ain't bad either. That's it for a PeeWee

The Most Concussion-Inducing PeeWee Football Truck Stick You’ll See Today

This video dates back to 2008, but oh my, it's a BEAUTY. Pennlsyvania's Shamokin Indians vs. Pottsville A-Team. The runningback sure isn't fleet

Watch a Monster Rugby Hit In the NRL

Football? Pssh. Who needs that when you can lose the pads and play rugby. Here's Lance Hohaia of the New Zealand Warriors jacking

Watch Ryan Malone’s Cheap Headshot on Chris Campoli

With the MLB playoffs, college football, and NFL games this weekend, you may have missed this pre-season dust up between the Tampa Bay

A Fifth-Grader Makes the Most Bone-Crushing Pee Wee Football Hit You’ll Ever Watch

Unless it's Nate Robinson's six-year-old son bulldozing the opposition, usually we pass on items about Pop Warner football. However, this is

How Much Will the NFL Fine Dunta Robinson For This Hit Against Jeremy Maclin?

If you missed it, Dunta Robinson was the barer of this gross helmet-to-helmet hit on Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin tonight during Atlanta's 35-31

Texas WR Marquise Goodwin Delivers a Brutal Block

Here's Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin delivering one an illegal helmet-to-helmet blow during yesterday's win over UCLA.  UCLA defender Andrew Abbott was diagnosed

Eric Reid’s Huge Hit During Last Night’s LSU - Mississippi State Game

If you're anything like me, last night you juggled channels between the premiere of "It's Always Sunny" and the SEC match-up between LSU

Check Out This Huge NAIA Football Hit

This is the most brutal NAIA college football hit we've seen so far this year. t University of the Cumberlands'  Drew Yeargin just

Here is the Double Decleater Highlight From Last Nights Vikings/Texans Game

Does it get any better than the last week of pre-season football? God I f*cking hope it does. Last night's Vikings/Texans game provided

Watch Nate Robinson’s Six-Year-Old Son Lay Another Kid Out

World, meet Nahmier Robinson, the son of Oklahoma City Thunder PG Nate Robinson. Yesterday folks at Scout Focus sent over this video of

Watch CFL Receiver Romby Bryant Get Lit Up

Up north, in Northern Lights country, the CFL is finishing up its sixth week of the season. One of the highlights from the

VIDEO: The Most Violent High School Football Tackle of 2011 (So Far)

Yeah, we're only a baker's dozen days into January, but we're pretty confident this could be the nastiest