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This Big Breasted Barbie-Looking Woman Is Using Hypnotherapy To Become Brainless

Blondie Bennett’s mission in life is to become an actual Barbie doll — although Barbie’s tits weren’t comically large so […]

31 Things That People With Big Boobs Can’t Ever Do

Their gift is truly their curse. But it's also still their gift, and God's gift to men. That makes all that big boobs #struggle is totes worth it,

Hot Girl With Massive Boobs Eats Black Naga Pepper

Full disclosure: I watched this on mute. Did she say anything of substance about the potency or HEAT of the Black Naga pepper? No idea. Her

Well Isn’t She Just Perfect? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I can't decide if I'd be proud or ashamed to walk topless down the beach beside those abs. One things for sure, she'd be very

Jordan Carver Doing Push-Ups in a Bra Is Satisfying, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

You can't help but mouth breathe when you look at that rack. Goodness! Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Get a Load of Boobs McGhee, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

When I look at her chest all I can think about is titty sex...and pencil erasers. Enjoy the talent, bros!

There’s Just Something About a Hot Girl With Tattoos, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

What a smoke she is. GAWD! Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

I’m Frothing at Both Mouths Over This Babe, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Those boobs of hers have JUST the right amount of sag...which is none whatsoever. Enjoy the talent, Bros!

Why Don’t I See This When I Go Grocery Shopping? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

If I did, I'd make a beeline for the lotion aisle and fap like a mad man! Enjoy the talent, Bros!

‘I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag That’s Slathered Across Your Huge Chest,’ Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Patriotic titties! Enjoy the talent, Bros.

Paying Our Respects to Hot Girls Photographing Themselves in Tonight’s Top Talent

The self-shot is an old classic that's not old at all. They keep takin', we keep lookin', and the world keeps turnin'. No complaints here.

If She’s Looking For Her Virginity She’s Not Going to Find It, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Seriously. It ain't out that window, bitch. Enjoy the talent, Bros!

What. An. Ass. Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I thought I was looking at two grey pumkins when I first saw this photo. Plump! Enjoy the talent, Bros.

She’s Big in All the Right Places, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Enjoy the talent, Bros!

These Hot Chicks Will Get You in the Mood For Christmas, Plus the Rest of Santa’s Top Talent

Enjoy the talent and have a merry Christmas, Bros.

This is One Hitchhiker I’d Pick Up, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

But I'd leave her cameraman/meth-head boyfriend on the side of the road to die. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

One of the Hottest Things a Chick Can Do With Her Mouth, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Blow. Blow. Blow. Blow. Blow...O.K., that's enough, Bobby. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

This Devil Woman Can Tell Me My Business, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

You see what I did there? Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

How F’n Hot Are These Twins? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

At least I think they're twins...Either way, they're hot and that's all that really matters in this column and in life. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

This One Sure is Attractive, Isn’t She? Plus This Weekend’s Top Talent

Enjoy what's left of your weekend, Bros. 

This Many Hot Chicks In One Place Is What I Like to Call a ‘Bonfire,’ Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

"How was the pool party last night?" "Bro, you missed out. Total bonfire." Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who Has the Nicest Tits of Them All? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Might Be My Favorite Article of Female Clothing Ever, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I love the way it covers barely anything. Just a perfect piece for every girl's collection. (Note: By "every girl" I mean girls in the

Someone’s Got a Little Captain in Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Oh yeah, love that captain pose, really lets her air it out. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

She Should Donate That Float to Someone Who Needs It, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Buoyant! Enjoy the talent, Bros.

Oh Girl, You So Classy! Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Pure filth, just the way Bobby likes it. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Will Girls Ever Stop Photographing Themselves in the Mirror? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Based on all the evidence, and photos over the last 10 years, it kind of makes you wonder how chicks managed before camera phones were

I’m Lead to Believe She Owns the Cadillac of Vaginas, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

What do you think: Cadillac on the outside, Oldsmobile on the inside? Toss up from where I'm sitting. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Hot Girls Wearing Santa Hats, Plus the Rest of This Weekend’s Top Talent

It's officially December so I don't want to hear that the hot chicks in Santa hats are here too soon because there will certainly be

It Cannot Be a Coincidence That Her Name Is Lacey Banghard, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Sometimes the stars align and you're blessed with a suggestive name, like Lacey here or Rusty Kuntz, Misty Hyman and the holy trinity of Dicks:

What the Hell is Going On Here? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Is this a metaphor that men are not only sheep for a beautiful woman but sheep are as well? I'm confused. Enjoy the talent, Bros! 

Hottest Darth Vader Ever? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I don't know, the force is strong with this one... Enjoy the talent, Bros!

At Least We Know She’s Great With Balls, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She can hold them, but how is she with gargling? Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

She’s Really Getting Me Into the Holiday Spirit, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Oh, how I love the holidays. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

She Wants Peace and I Want Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Bobby likey! Enjoy the talent, Bros

The Most Patriotic Rack You’ll See Today, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

This had to be what Betsy Ross had in mind when she stitched the American Flag. So remove your caps, put your hand over your

This Chick Wins for Best Bathing Suit EVER, Plus the Weekend’s Top Talent

Shark is on his way to MOTORBOAT CITYYYYYY! Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Bros.

Looks Like She’s Almost Ready to Make Me Happy, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Just one more button. Get it. Get it! Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

What the Hell is this Chick Wearing? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She looks like a court jester. But those tits are no joke. Enjoy the talent, Bros.

Being Hot Has Sucked the Life Right Out of Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

It's O.K., sweetheart, Bobby knows the feeling. He empathizes with your struggle; being everything to everyone and all mirrors is exhausting. That a girl, rest