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The Conclusion of the NHL Lockout Wouldn’t Be Complete Without This Tremendous Videobomb

Enemy to Mitt Romney, friend of hockey. Ladies and Gentleman, Big Bird is back. 

Big Bird Has a Dance-Off with Mitt Romney Before Decking Him at Texas High School Half-Time Show

This is one of the stragest things I've ever watched. A recent halftime show at Beaumont Central Medical Magnet in Texas featured Mitt Romney in a

Jon Stewart Rips the Obama Campaign for Continuing to Play the ‘Big Bird’ Card

Like most of you, prior to last week's debate the only time I ever thought about Big Bird, in the last 15 years, was when

Hilarious ‘Obama for America’ Ad Praises Romney for Standing Up to the Evil Genius Known As Big Bird

"It's simple...We kill the Big Bird." 

‘The Daily Show’ Attempts to Remove the Liberal Propaganda from ‘Sesame Street’

For years now, "Sesame Street" has insiduously indoctrinated our country's youth, teaching them the philosophies of Mao, Lenin, and Marx under the guise of Cookie