Game of Thrones

If Every Big 10 School Were a ‘Game of Thrones’ Character


What if BIG 10 schools were a Game of Thrones character.


The Big Ten University Dysfunctional Family Tree


Ah autumn…  The leaves are changing, college freshmen are learning to slap the bag, and three out of every four years we enjoy the luxury of arguing over sports on facebook instead of politics.


A Potentially Huge Shakeup: Are Maryland and Rutgers Headed to the Big 10?


Monster news could potentially bring a monster shakeup.

Ohio State

Gus Johnson’s Gusgasm at the End of the Northwestern-Ohio State Game Was Delightful


It's been far, far too long since we've enjoyed a Gusgasm from the best broadcaster in sports, so here's Gus Johnson's call of the wild Ohio State-Northwestern finish.

University of Wisconsin

Three University of Wisconsin Bros Fined $86,000 for Throwing Epic House Party


Sometimes college parties go perfect as planned: Everyone in attendance gets drunk, rowdy, and busts a nut without cops crashing the festivities.


College Conference Realignment: A Mess in the Making


We’ve long heard rumors of conference expansion in college sports and this week brought the first concrete movement that shows expansion is a reality.

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