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Watch Justin Bieber Almost Run Down An Old Lady While Illegally Riding His Motorcycle On The Sidewalk

Roads? Where the Biebs is going, he doesn’t need roads. Technically, he does, because he’s driving a Can-Am Spyder around […]

Selena Gomez May Get a Boob Job For Justin Bieber

And the world keeps turning.

BREAKING: Justin Bieber Is Being Detained By U.S. Immigration

We can only hope it's permanent.

Well… We’re All Gonna See Justin Bieber’s Penis

It's coming.

Justin Bieber’s Wax Statue Removed from Museum Due to Excessive Groping

Justin Bieber just can’t catch a break. As if copious legal trouble and a crippling shirt allergy aren’t enough to […]

Justin Bieber’s Personal Pilots Have to Wear Oxygen Masks to Avoid All the Pot Smoke on His Plane

Remember when ol’ Bieber’s plane got detained in New Jersey because it smelled suspiciously of marijuana? Well, it turns out […]

25 Things People Do When High on Drugs

Earlier this week we learned a lesson in how drugs can affect your decision-making. Am I right Justin Bieber?

Brazilian Model Who Had Sex with Justin Bieber Says He’s ‘Very Good In Bed’ and ‘Well-Endowed’

In life, most of us mere mortals who chose not to sign a dotted line with The Devil only get 15 minutes of fame. For Brazilian

An Alleged Brazilian Prostitute Took a Video of Justin Bieber (Maybe?) Sleeping

Swaggy bro Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying his time in South America. Here's a video that just hit the Internet of Justin Bieber sleeping,

Justin Bieber Made His Bodyguards Carry Him Up the Great Wall of China

We've made it. We've made it. The most Justin fuckin' Bieber thing ever. Shut the Internet down. SHUT IT ALL DOWN.

Watch Justin Bieber Pee In a Restaurant Kitchen, Scream ‘F*ck Bill Clinton!’

Swaggy Bro Justin Bieber is up to his antics again, this time being caught on camera taking a piss into a mop bucket in a

Rate Swaggy Bro Justin Bieber’s Outfit at Tonight’s Miami Heat Game

Via our friends at Guyism, here's a wonderful screencap of Swaggy Bro of the Century, Justin Bieber, sitting courtside at tonight's Eastern Conference Championship Game.

If You Want to Party with Justin Bieber, You Have to Sign a $5 Million Confidentiality Waiver

Some say that freedom is what makes American so damn great. I disagree: I think it's our limitless ability to lawyer-up and contract out over

This Justin Bieber Fan Video Is Funny, Terrifying

Woah, boy. While this Bieleber is most likely kidding by creating what has to be an intentionally creepy Justin Bieber fan video, those eyes really