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Ever Wanted To See Nicki Minaj’s Butt Explode? Then Play This New Game Called ‘Tap That’

Because why not.

Eric LeGrand Created a Meme from the Moment He Got Paralyzed to Tweet About His Love For Beyonce’s VMA Performance

How long do you think he has been waiting to break this out? Months? Weeks?

Did Beyonce’s Epic VMA Performance Save Her Marriage?

Beyonce put out all the stops during her VMA performance on Sunday night. With all the rumors of her marriage […]

Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Released A Beyonce Diss Track And It Sucks

Side chicks getting real brave these days.

Bey and Jay’s Trailer For Their Summer Tour Is Better Than Any Michael Bay Flick

The two know how to get the internet talking.

Here’s Video of Beyonce’s Sister Attacking Jay Z in an Elevator

She came at the king.

Here’s Steve Francis Pouring Champagne Over His Head While Singing ‘Drunk in Love’

He's slowly losing it.

Beyoncé’s New Video Involves a Lot of Her Working Her Ass on a Stripper Pole

Enjoy, Bros.

Kanye West Rapping On Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ Is Dope as Fuck

Of course it is. It’ fucking Kanye. Listen. [Via BuzzFeed; Carl Bjorklund / Shutterstock.com]

Vin Diesel Posted a 7-Minute Video of Himself on Facebook at 3AM Performing Beyonce and Katy Perry

Um...this deserves an OVERALL WTF?!? and also a second, ancillary WTF?!? for the camera placement. Vin, babe, you're a movie star for shit's sake, buy a

Beyoncé In Lingerie? YES PLEASE…

Jay-Z, you lucky, lucky man. ALL HAIL QUEEN BEY. 

Beyonce’s New Album Inspires Incredible Instagram Comment

That Beyonce was able to release an album out of the blue—with 14 music videos, too!—is shocking stuff. In October, there were vague rumors she was working

6 WAGS Everyone Searched for in 2013

The only thing that should surprise you about Tim Tebow being labeled as the “Most Searched Athlete of 2013” by Bing is that people actually

Jay Z and Beyonce Made a Ridiculous Amount of Money Last Year

Forbes just released its annual list of the highest-earning celebrity "power couples," and, unsurprisingly, Jay Z and Beyonce top the list. The duo raked in

Beyonce Has Super Short Hair Now. Is It Hot?

Perhaps taking a page from the Miley Cyrus short hair playbook, Beyonce just blasted this pics out on Instagram. We wouldn't be BroBible if we

Beyonce Got Her Hair Stuck in Fan During Concert; Did Her Head Stay Attached to Her Body?

Beyonce’s concert in Montreal last night hit a literal snag when her hair got caught in a fan. With great disappointment, I can announce I

A Holiday Hangover in This Week’s Hottie Index

Maybe all the celebrities were hung-over after the holiday weekend because they did not go above  beyond their normal celebrity duties

Some Guy Slapped Beyonce’s Ass During a Concert

Who among us hasn’t wanted to give Beyonce a healthy slap on her healthy backside? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Check Out Beyonce in a Sexy New Swimwear Photoshoot

Watch yourself, Jay. Stevie Chay, gon' swoop away your Beyon-cay. 

Stream Snippets of ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack, Except the Two Most Anticipated Ones

Interscope Records just e-mailed over a 12-track sampler of The Great Gatsby soundtrack accompanying Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film adaptation. Roaring 20s Jazz Age speak: "Let's get

Beyonce’s World Tour Outfit Kind of Shows Her Nipples, You Guys

I've waffled over this question ever since luckily catching Jay-Z and his lovely wife at the Barclays Center last October: Is it okay for a

Someone Allegedly Hacked Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Personal Financial Information and Posted It Online

According to TMZ, the FBI and LAPD is currently investigating a high-profile hacking incident who compromised the personal financial information of over a dozen celebrities.

3 Highly Probable Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage Conspiracy Theories

Between the Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick, and Har-bowl subplots, Beyonce reminding America that she’s a godess in human form, and the great football when the

Beyonce’s Halftime Performance Led to This Hilarious Shaq Sing-Along

Beyonce's halftime performance was pretty damn good. The reaction to it by the Internet—and any girls at your Super Bowl party—can best be called "Full Unrestrained

Watch Beyoncé‘s Hot Halftime Show Again

Beyoncé stole the show, then she turned out the lights.

Beyoncé Sang the National Anthem at a Press Conference, You Guys

Beyoncé must be sick of hearing about how she lip-synched “The Star-Spangled Banner” at last week’s inauguration. What makes me say this? Well, the fact

Here’s a Bad Lip-Reading of the Inauguration

How long do you think Barack Obama could just say gibberish like this before someone stepped in and took the microphone from him? My guess

Beyoncé Lip-Synced the Star-Spangled Banner at Inauguration, You Guys

Live music is dead. All hail pressing the "play" button!

Beyonce to Play Super Bowl Halftime Show

It could be worse. It could be Madonna again.

12 Reasons Why ‘Jay-Z And Beyonce Worry About Kanye West’ Is Your New Favorite Tumblr One-Hit Wonder

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself a glorious new online diversion: Jay-Z And Beyonce Worry About Kanye West. The Tumblr one-hit-wonder collects photos of

Does World’s Most Beautiful Person Guarantee The Top Spot In This Week’s Hottie Index?

The end of April is near, which means we're only one month away from another blazing hot summer.  The heat, however, is ever-present here at

SNL’s Hilarious Skit on Blue Ivy Carter

SNL's opener was strong, but so was this skit on Jay-Z and Beyonce's super child, Blue Ivy Carter. Justin Timberlake as Bon Iver is classic.