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A Bro’s Guide to Gambling on the Golf Course

Spice up your next round.

World Cup Preview and Best Bets – Groups E and F


World Cup Preview and Best Bets – Groups C & D

More soccer.

World Cup Preview and Best Bets – Groups A and B

Game on.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the 2014 Preakness Stakes

Do the horses know they're racing?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the 2014 Kentucky Derby

And down the stretch we come.

Does This Danish Pastry Look Like Rory McIlroy?


Mark Cuban Claims He Made $20 Million By Betting on a Safety as the First Play of the Super Bowl

Twitter lost it's shit over this tweet by Mark Cuban, Bro King of the Universe, during the Super Bowl: 

10 Super Bowl Props and the Super Bowl Pick

Have you had enough of Super Bowl week yet? It’s pretty fun that New York City has been overtaken by the NFL for the week

How To Bet $50 On The Super Bowl And Get Filthy Rich

I can't remember the last time I gave less of a crap about the Super Bowl. Wait, I remember. It was the last time Seattle

There are Rematches Aplenty in the NFL Divisional Round Picks

This is the best weekend of football you’re going to see all year. It’s approximately 14 hours of the best teams in football. There are

It All Comes to a Head with The Week 17 NFL Picks

The NFL hasn't locked in a game for its regular season finale on NBC's Sunday Night Football in Week 17, but the possibilities are quite appealing. If

The Week 16 NFL Picks Prepare Us for The Final Countdown

The NFL hasn't locked in a game for its regular season finale on NBC's Sunday Night Football in Week 17, but the possibilities are quite appealing. If

Philip Rivers is Not Going Away after You Read the Week 15 NFL Picks

Kudos to the San Diego Chargers. They held the Broncos to their lowest point total of the season by controlling time of possession and putting

The Survivor & Thursday Night NFL Picks Stop at the Washington Circus

So we're obviously going to lead into this week's picks with talk of Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan. One can't avoid talking about the

The Week 14 NFL Picks Won’t Make the Houston Texans a Smarter Team

Greg Kubiak must’ve known his time was coming. Why else would he insert Matt Schaub into last night’s game? What positives were there to the

The RGIII Saga Opens the Week 13 NFL Picks

There's been a lot of commotion surrounding Robert Griffin III in recent weeks. For a guy who hasn't been playing his best, ‎he sure has

The Week 10 NFL Picks Will Deliver Like Last Night’s Vikings/Redskins Game

Thursday night was supposed to be a great night for college football. Yet as it turns out, it was the NFL game that ended up being

We’re Going Green with the Week 6 NFL Picks

The NFL may be able to fine Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats, but they clearly can’t stop him from doing what he believes in. After

Johnny Manziel Got Congratulated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. for Winning Him $200,000 Last Night

The wound is still too fresh from my last Floyd-Mayweather-is-filthy-rich post (which a few sad commenters took seriously) to even want to cover this, but alas, here

The 8 Dumbest Things I’ve Bet On: Confessions of a Gambling Addict

We're now a few days into August, easily one of the shittiest months of the year. Weather is at its muggiest,

Need Cash Fast? Trick Your Friends with ‘10 Bets You Will Always Win’

Volume 6 of the popular series. Time to #lifehack your way into a shit ton of free drinks. 

Calcutta Pools Take March Madness Up a Notch

Any idiot can take part in a regular NCAA bracket pool. Your pet iguana can probably fill out his picks and may even win if

Taiwanese Families Betting on When Family Members Will Die is the New Hotness

That’s dark. Dark as shit.

Strapped for Cash? Watch the Latest Installment of ‘10 Bets You Will Always Win’

Make a mental note not to share this with your roommate. 

We’re Not Raising Arizona as We Bring You the Week 5 NFL Picks

I, like most people, watched last night’s game between St. Louis and Arizona. It wasn’t pretty. It was possibly one of the worst football games

Thank God the Real Referees Are Back in Time For the Thursday Night NFL Pick

That didn't take long, did it? The NFL and the referees' union reached an agreement late last night just 48 hours after the fiasco during

No Time to Waste in the Week 3 NFL Picks

There’s no time for a snazzy intro this week because I’m downing Bloody Mary’s at the pool in Miami right now. With a big birthday

It’s the Same Old NFL as We Roll Out the Week 2 Picks

"It’s the same old Jay," said Charles Woodson after last night's game between the Packers and the Bears. "We don’t need luck. We just need

No Rest for the Weary Because the NFL is Back with a Thursday Night Pick

The Monday after the first NFL weekend is known as "overreaction Monday." People tend to make bold statements about what they saw on the field

Savannah State is Getting 70.5 Points Against Florida State

Everyone stop what you're doing. Call your bookie or reactivate that Bovada account. We have found the bet of the year.

High School Senior Wins $400 Bet For Hooking Up with His Teacher

If Eric Arty doesn't win Bro of the Week this week for giving his teacher's puss arrhythmia, I'm tendering my resignation and moving to North

Which Number Combination Will Win You the Super Bowl Squares Pool?

Note: We ran this story a year ago and thought we'd re-post as we wait for the Giants-Patriots game to start... With the Super Bowl days

Mr. T’s Super Bowl Pick and 13 Props to Make the Game More Fun

Two weeks always seems to be too long of a timeframe between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. There needs to be appropriate media

Birdman, 50 Cent Square Off on Super Bowl Bets

It looks like Birdman & 50 Cent have found themselves in a little pissing contest over Super Bowl bets. Birdman announced Monday that he's wagering

Lackluster Effort Is Unacceptable, Especially in New York, in the Week 16 NFL Picks

Any given Sunday, huh? Last week's NFL outcomes may have been surprising to some, especially with the Packers losing and the Colts winning, but unpredictability

Hitting the Campaign Trail with Tim Tebow and the Week 14 NFL Picks

It should be pretty evident to everyone in America that Tim Tebow will be our president in 2036. If you don't believe me, you need

Hard Times and Hard Games in the Week 13 NFL Picks

I’ve admittedly hit a rut with picking games. Hitting the prop bet that Drew Brees would throw for over 2.5 touchdowns against the Giants can

Be Thankful for Good Coaching When You Read the Week 12 NFL Picks

There are only 32 NFL head coaches on this earth of 7 billion people. Finding 32 competent people shouldn’t be that hard given those odds.

JaMarcus Russell Almost Ate Our Thursday Night NFL Pick

I'm a couple weeks late on talking about a specific news item, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. With the Raiders playing in