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10 Bets You Will Always Win

Unless everyone you ever make a bet with has also seen this video. In that case these would be 10 Bets That Make You Look

Two Bros Eat Live Cicadas for $5 Each

These brave cicadas emerged from the ground to serenade us with their summer song. They were promptly eaten by a couple guys for a nominal

Bro Bets His Friend $1 to Jump Into a Puddle at a Family Dollar, Got More Than His Money’s Worth

First of all, what podunk, one-horse town do these people live in that they've got nothing better to do than jump in puddles at a

Denver’s Mayor Finally Makes Good on His Word, Does Ray Lewis’ Entrance Dance

He needs to redo this. Where was the unnecessary chunk of grass Ray used to crumble all over himself in his very last stadium entrance

10 More Bets You Will Always Win

A month ago we showed you 10 bets you can win if you're strapped for cash. On the heels of that highly successful video, the

Kyrie Irving Wants to Play Kobe Bryant One-on-One for $50,000

If people keep pulling on your cape, can you really keep calling yourself Superman?

Unfortunately, Birdman Did Not Lose $5 Million Yesterday

Remember that $5 million bet YMCMB general Birdman was trying to put up on Tom Brady and the Pats last week? Well, lucky for him

Guy Wins $50,000 Thanks to Genius Super Bowl Safety Bet

Even with 50-1 odds, everyone probably laughed at Benjamin Lyons when he bet $1,000 the first scoring play of the Super Bowl would be a

The Best Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bets

Gambling website Bovada released their prop bets for the 2012 Super Bowl. Prop bets are weird, quirky bets like, "How many times will the cameras

Birdman, 50 Cent Square Off on Super Bowl Bets

It looks like Birdman & 50 Cent have found themselves in a little pissing contest over Super Bowl bets. Birdman announced Monday that he's wagering

Bow Wow Challenged Kobe Bryant to a Game of One-on-One, Bets $1000 On It

Bow Wow recently paid a visit to Kobe Bryant’s basketball camp to challenge the Black Mamba to a one-on-one match. He even put $1000 on