Nicki Minaj shade

Nicki Minaj rips Iggy Azalea in epic BET Award acceptance speech


Nicki Minaj dropped a bomb on untalented hacks who don't write their own music (Iggy Azalea, Pharrell) during her BET Award acceptance speech.

Lil Wayne mic drop

Lil Wayne had the best ‘drop the mic’ moment of all-time


Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and a whole host of people I don't know accepted the award for Best Group or some shit.


Trey Songz serenaded a chick’s vagina at the BET Awards


It's been an eventful 2014 awards season.

mariah carey's breast

Mariah Carey’s Tits Were… On Display at This Weekend’s BET Awards


This comes courtesy of her Instagram page, but I highly, highly, highly recommend you click this link to see them in all their glory.

concert videos

Watch G.O.O.D. Music, D’Angelo, and Three Other Videos from Last Night’s BET Awards


The BET Awards were last night, which means today we have a nice serving of clips from the award show.


Chris Brown Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson at BET Awards, Inevitably Breaks Down Crying During ‘Man


 There was a time when modern-day Michael Jackson comparisons — at least in terms of dance moves — were made to Usher.

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