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High School Football Player Bench Presses 515-Pounds Three Times, Emasculates Us All In the Process

The comments on YouTube are ablaze, accusing 6' 6", 285lb, Olathe South football player Braden Smith of taking steroids. One guy, named Marty Forkwarter even said, "i

Watch University of Louisiana’s Head Football Coach, Mark Hudspeth, Bench 225 lb 25 Times

University of Louisiana's head football coach, Mark Hudspeth, even lifts, Bro. And he lifts a fucking ton, too. Dude is a beast, throwing up 225

Introducing One Wipe Charlies, the Only True Butt Wipes for REAL MEN

The Dollar Shave Club re-wrote all the rules about face grooming, and now they’re re-writing all the rules governing a far more important part of