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VIDEO: Here’s the New World Record For Bench Press


How to Bench Press 225-Pounds and Beyond

I was born a weakling. Seriously.

10 Ways to Boost Your Bench, Squat and Deadlift Overnight

Everyone wants to improve their performance on the ‘Big 3’ – the bench, squat and deadlift – but it takes […]

Beast of a Man, Eric Spoto, Benches 722 lb Breaking the World Record Raw Bench Press

I've never been great at playing Photo Hunt on Megatouch machines in a bar, but I counted maybe three necks in this entire video. Some

High School Beast Benches 700 Pounds

Matt Poursoltani is stronger than you. And me. And the two of us combined, probably.

13-Year-Old Girl Bench Presses 240lb at the Arnold Classic, Did We Mention SHE’S 13?

Holy hell! My sincerest condolences to all the dudes out there over the age of 13 who can't bench 240lb. This video had to be

Bro Almost Videotapes His Own Death When He Fails at Bench Press and Parents Don’t Hear His Cries

Come-the-fuck-on, Bro. You're going to max-out, in your basement, by yourself, and not give yourself a "what if I fail?" contingency plan? Were you denied

13-Year-Old Russian Girl Can Bench Press 198 lbs

Does anyone in Russia suffer from low-T? From all the Internet coverage Russia gets, the place appears to be brimming with testosterone. Everyday a new

BroBible’s 4-Week Summer Workout Plan: Friday (Week 4)

Last bench day of the program. If you aren’t psyched for bench day you may not be an American/Guy who likes chicks. Blow up a