honest trailers

The Honest Trailer For ‘Gone Girl’ Shows What A Fucked Up Film It Really Was


Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike was one of the most talked about films of 2014, but what was it REALLY about.

The Bourne Identity

CONFIRMED: Matt Damon Will Return In New ‘Bourne’ Movie!


For months now there have been rumors swirling that Universal wanted to bring back Matt Damon to star in the next installment of "The Bourne" films and the Hollywood star has confirmed it.

Michigan State

Ben Affleck Lifted Weights With Michigan State’s Football Team


OK, deep breath here because this posts combines so many things I love.


Ben Affleck Took A Bold Moral Stand By Refusing To Wear New York Yankees Hat


Professional movie actor Ben Affleck has played many roles in his career, but there's one type of sick and deranged person that even he, a highly respected Academy Award winner, refuses to portray.

movie review

David Fincher Brings Every Bro’s Worst Nightmare To Life — ‘Gone Girl’ Review


You might never look at your spouse the same way again after being mentally screwed by David Fincher’s Gone Girl.

SDCC 2014

Badass new photo of Ben Affleck as Batman appears at Comic-Con


DC Entertainment released a new image of Ben Affleck as Batman at Comic-Con yesterday and I gotta say, it looks pretty sweet.

stars commercials before famous

These commercials of stars before they were famous are pure entertainment gold


So I am cruising around the 'Net looking for something good for you on a hump day when I come across this YouTube account that shows celebrities in horrible commercials before they were famous and OMG are these bad.

Sad Batman

‘Sad Batman’ is the meme that will save Gotham & possibly the world


  Ben Affleck is 'Sad Batman' and it's a role he was born to play.

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