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New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Suggests Batman Doesn’t Shave Every Day

Ben Whofleck?

Here’s the First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman

The reveal is here.

You’ll Never Believe Why Ben Affleck Was Banned from a Las Vegas Casino For Life

Honestly, I didn't think Ben Affleck had something like this in him.

Conan O’Brien Has the First Footage of Ben Affleck as Batman

Conan O'Brien was able to secure, before anyone, the first two trailers for the new Batman vs. Superman movie, which stars Ben Affleck as Batman. 

Bryan Cranston Reportedly Cast as Lex Luther, Making Up for Ben Affleck News

Bryan Cranston has been cast as supervillain Lex Luther in a Man of Steel sequel that will also feature Henry Cavill reprising his role of

Ben Affleck Will Play Batman in Upcoming Superhero Flick

Everyone is totally cool with this, right?

A Movie About the Boston Marathon Has Already Been Optioned

Today in WAY TOO SOON comes the news that the screenwriters responsible for The Fighter have already picked up the feature film rights to Boston Strong, a

Man Reads That Ben Affleck Was a Ghost in ‘Argo,’ Has Spoiler Alert Meltdown on Twitter

The good thing about Twitter is that it allows anyone to easily communicate with anybody. The bad thing about Twitter is that allows anyone to

Watch the Trailer for the New Ben Affleck-Justin Timberlake Gambling Movie, ‘Runner Runner’

In Runner Runner, Justin Timberlake, who is 32 years old, stars as a Princeton college student named Richie Furst who becomes involved in online gambling in

Your Official 2013 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

One of the biggest nights in showbiz is upon us. Make it count by also making it a celebration in boozing.

MLB to Investigate A-Rod for Involvement in Violent Illegal Poker Games

Well it's that time of year again, where in the middle of the baseball season Alex Rodriguez gets himself embroiled in a tumultuous scandal that

After 0-6 Start, Red Sox Fans are ‘One Win Hunting’ Against the Yankees This Weekend

As a Yankees fan, I've been avoiding mentioning the Red Sox' 0-6 start for two reasons: It's the first week of the season for