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MTV Has A TV Show Called ‘One Bad Choice’ And The First Episode Is About Duke Porn Star Belle Knox


Remember Belle Knox, the porn star from Duke University who dominated the news last spring.


This Politician Probably Didn’t Want Everyone To Find Out He Followed Porn Star Belle Knox On Twitter


Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone, recently followed the Duke Porn Star, Belle Knox on Twitter.


Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Wants Prostitution To Be Legalized, Makes Compelling Argument As To Why


Belle Knox (AKA Miriam Weeks, AKA THE DUKE PORN STAR, AKA I-don't-have-anything-else-to-call-her-although-I-wish-I-did) hasn't shied away from the spotlight since she was outed several months ago.

Miriam Weeks

Interview with Duke freshman turned porn star sensation Belle Knox


When Duke University freshman Miriam Weeks' porn star identity was brought into the limelight by a fellow student, it instantly changed her life forever.


Life after XXX: What are your favorite adult film stars doing now?


Duke University adult film “star” Miriam Weeks (aka Belle Knox) might want to have a gander it this look at what former stars in her field are up to today.

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