Belgium sucks

7 things that suck about Belgium, ranked


Here I rank seven things about Belgium that suck.


‘The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears’ trailer is extra creepy


This puppy has style to spare and will freak you out hard.

sexually transmitted disease

That copy of ’50 Shades Of Grey’ might have herpes on it


If a girl tries to tell you she got an STD from a book, she might actually be telling the truth.


Belgian fans celebrate bronze medal with multiple expletives


Who knew sailing was such an exciting Olympic sport.

Sex tapes

Mayor of Belgium’s 15th Largest City Caught Getting Busy On A Castle Tower, USC Style


A four years ago, Ilse Uyttersprot, the Mayor of Aalst, Belgium (hometown of tennis player Sabine Appelmans and famous for it's Sunday carnivals, says Wikipedia.

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