Another Sign Of The Beeocalypse: 300,000 Bee Attack Kills A Man, Injures Another


Bees and their stinger-carrying brethren have been causing havoc all summer, but this story of a swarm of a 300,000 bee attack causing the death of one man and injuring another is the latest and worst thing they've done since they began their efforts to take over the world.


WTFlorida: Semi-truck driver crashes and release 20 million buzzing bees in to the wild


In today's edition of WTFlorida, we're forced to face the reality that the Sunshine State's insanity is leaking out.

The end of the world

Here Are the 10 Things Most Likely to Kill Us All


You know about climate change, but what are the other ways humanity might end.


This is the best take on the bee’s mating ritual that you’ll ever see


It's also somewhat terrifying if we're being honest.

wicker man bee scene

10 best movie scenes involving bees


Bees have played more roles in movies than Johnny Depp.


Brazilian Soccer Match Halted By Insane Swarm of Bees


A Brazilian soccer match between Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocaba was delayed 15 because OH MY GOD BEES GET THEM AWAY NOW.

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