Molson’s Incredible ‘Anything For Hockey’ Commercial That Will Make You Want To Puck So Hard


Doesn't matter if you're Canadian, American, Swedish, or Russian -- Every true puck-loving hockey Bro is going to love this heart-warming holidays commercial from Molson Canadian.


What If Beer Commercials Were Made Like Yogurt Commercials For Basic Chicks?


The only thing it's missing is Erin Andrews talking about how beer is a wonderful probiotic that's great for her digestive health.


What’s The Next Hipster Beer? Here Are 7 Possible Heirs To The PBR Throne

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Hipsters ruined PBR for poor people everywhere, and it's time they move on to something else.

weird news

Bro Fights Off Muggers With Beer. No Seriously, He Used Beer


A group of seven or eight teen muggers thought that had an easy target hanging outside a KFC in Dorchester, an area of Boston.


Turnt Ass Redneck Teaches You How To Make A Combination Beer Mug-Bong Without Tainting Your Brew


Steve Jessup is easily in the top 5 rednecks of the world right now, this guy absolutely KILLS IT on YouTube.


The New York Jets Are Now Driving Children To Drink


The New York Jets came this close to winning a football game last night, only to blow it in the final minutes.

siracha beer

Sriracha Beer Is Here


Great or gross is the question.


Budweiser Thinks Millennials Can Save The King Of Beers

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Budweiser will NEVER relinquish its title as the 'King of Beers' no matter the state of the market.

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