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WATCH: Bros Make Next Level Beer Pong Trick Shot Video

Beer pong is like anything else: If you spend 10,000+ hours playing it, you'll achieve Jedi-level mastery, so I hear Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers.

Nina Dobrev Plays Giant Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon, Pounds Beers Like a Champ

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev was on The Tonight Show last night to play a little pong against television's move lovable Bro.

Jimmy Fallon Challenged Pitbull To A Game Of Super-Sized Beer Pong

They were both blacked out after drinking the first 50-gallon cup.

What the Hell Do You Do When This Happens to You In Beer Pong?

I've seen this happen about three or four times in my years as a drinking adult. It's always a huge clusterfuck where no one knows

SUNY Brockport Bro Attempts Greatest Beer Pong Dunk Off a Roof Of All Time, Fails

Yesterday I put out a call to action to the Brommunity for legendary beer pong dunks.

OK… Is the Most Insane Beer Pong Dunk Picture Ever Taken?

Uh... Did this guy die? Kind of assume that when you jump off a roof onto a beer pong table that's kind of a possibility.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Epic Beer Pong Slam Dunk GIF

Possibly the most BroBible thing ever: A shirtless Bro rocking some salmon-color shorts just won the pong dunk game with this epic slow-motion GIF.

Rate This Bro’s Beer Pong Dunk Fail

A long-time BroBible reader sent us this beer pong fail this evening.

Is This the Best Beer Pong Dunk of All Time?

Flawless beer pong dunk here. Excellent ups, perfect form, incredible follow-through.

This Trippy Custom Beer Pong Table with Infinity Mirrors and LED Lights Is a Party Game Changer

As you know, crafty college kids have been tricking out custom beer pong¬†tables with LED lights for years. But this […]

Bros Go to the UCLA Library and Bro the Fuck Down with Beer Bongs and Beer Pong

Someone call the swag patrol... This is the most Bro video ever made, Bros, complete with a dubstep remix of Asher Roth's "I Love College." 

Charles Barkley Played Beer Pong for the Very First Time, Was Likable

Charles Barkley once claimed that black people don't play beer pong, so what was he doing PLAYING BEER PONG on HLN last night? 

Is This Beer Pong Golf GIF the Most Bro GIF of All Time?

Yes. Yes it is. Redditor viperboy97 recently uploaded this fantastic GIF of his beer pong hole-in-one. He confirms this was done with a regulation ping-pong ball. The

I Must Have This Incredible Air Hockey Beer Pong Table

Hell. Yes. Canada. Redditor presque_isle -- a Canadian, of course -- invented a genius drinking game he calls "Alcohockey." It's the hockey-hybrid of beer pong and seems pretty

Lehigh’s Chi Phi Fraternity Suspended After This Awesome Beer Pong Picture Emerges

I am rarely in awe of the things drunk fraternity brothers do. But this beer pong set up? WOAH. I had to crop the image just

6 Times Professional Athletes Played Beer Pong

Beer pong is a sport, right? 

New Zealand Bros Make the Sickest Beer Pong Trick Shot Video of All Time

Here at BroBible, we've posted quite a beer pong trick shot videos over the years. This one, however, from a bunch of swagged out Bros in Wellington, New

Finally, a Video of Michael Jordan Playing Beer Pong

You've got to be fucking kidding me... Michael Jordan is throwing straight fire at the beer pong table with a bunch of Bros WHILE Jay-Z's Game 6 shoutout to

Just Michael Jordan Casually Playing Beer Pong at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Miami

No one on the face of the planet is enjoying their retirement years quite like Michael Jordan. He was recently captured running the beer pong

College Bro Says This Beer Pong Dunk Is ‘the Best We’ll See Today’; We Disagree

I kinda have beef with Bros making beer pong dunks that don't take place in the middle of an actual pong game. Like, you're doing

Guess What Happens When You Set Your Beer Pong Balls on Fire?

I'm not really sure how one throws a flaming beer pong ball. Still trying to figure it out. Help, anyone? 

Penn State Bros Built a Dope Neon Beer Pong Table That’s Bright Enough to Melt Your Face Off

The Bros at The Pennsylvania State University have proven that they're quite talented at building really cool, super-flashy beer pong tables. It's almost like Advanced

Rate This ‘Blue Mountain State’ Beer Pong Table

Sure, it doesn't have fancy ball washers, flashy LED lights, or some kick-ass American Flag woodworking ettched into it, but I think we can all agree

Like Beer Pong and Free Stuff? Prove You’re an Influencer to Claim an Awesome BPong Swag Pack

Sumpto is the best way for college students to get free stuff, easily. You log in to Sumpto with your .edu email address and Facebook account.

A Frat Bro Engineer at MIT Built a SICK Dunk-Proof Beer Pong Table

Over the last few weeks I've been showing off some of the incredible beer pong tables that BroBible readers have been e-mailing to us. Previously:

Bros Make an Epic Natty Light Can Beer Pong Table

A couple of days ago I posted about the epic LED beer pong table that a couple of Bros at Penn State made. It's tough to

Is This Penn State Beer Pong Table, ‘The Greatest Beer Pong Table Ever Made’?

The other day I showed you 15 really awesome college beer pong tables. But this one might just take the cake. Apparently it belongs to

The 15 Best College Beer Pong Tables on the Internet, According to Darren Rovell on Twitter

Last night Darren Rovell, notorious Twitterati and ESPN Sports Business Reporter, put out a call on Twitter for people to share the most impressive college

LSU Bro Tackles His Friend Through a Beer Pong Table, Innocent Girl Goes Down as Well

Perfectly good, LSU football field beer pong table DESTROYED. 

Rate This Beer Pong Slam Dunk

Bros, just a reminder: If you have something for BroBible, send it to us.  As for this drunk? I give it a 5/10. Need to work

College Bro Builds The Most Amazing American Flag Beer Pong Table We’ve Ever Seen

Here at BroBible, we absolutely love it when our readers send us pictures of their badass creations. This beer pong table DIY project isn't from

How Should You Deal with a Girlfriend Dragging Down Your Wolfpack? Plus, Fraternity Rush Tips

For the seventh episode of the BroBible Podcast, BIG MEDIA correspondent Andy Moore joins host J Camm and fried dumplings fan

This Kickstarter Ping Pong Table with Glass Walls Is a Beer Pong Gamechanger

This is one of those remarkably simple inventions you see and think to yourself, "damn, why didn't I think of that first?" Allow us to draw

The Next Step in Beer Pong, Plus 10 Things We Want

Weather's getting warmer, 10 Things We Want is heating up.

Jews vs. Nazis Beer Pong Exists and The Rules Are Pretty F*cked Up

This is pretty f*cked up. If you're boneheaded/insensitive enough to ask why it's f*cked up, it probably has something to do with making a drinking

Beer Pong Balls Are F*cking Disgusting, Says Science

When I think about it, I've played beer pong in some pretty disguesting enviroments: Basements with concrete floors that are gooey with a slimy film

This Is Why You Don’t Let Your Buddy Play Beer Pong for 3 Hours Straight

The laugh makes it.

Beer Pong Debate: What Happens When Two Players On the Same Team Make the Same Cup?

Last night, an e-mail came into my inbox with the subject "Beer Pong Arbitrator Needed." Intrigued as shit, I opened it. It seems as though

7 New Versions of Beer Pong

Regular, old beer pong is BORING. Here's a guide to spicing up the game.

Can You Out-Bro This Epic St. Paddy’s Day Beer Pong Dunk?

Personally, I don't think you can unless you're willing to walk away with a Darwin Award. But in case you have some sort of awesome