This College Bro Tried To Impress A Girl By Playing Beer Pong With Hard Liquor, Very Gross Things Ensued

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Photo by Lance King - Getty Images Failure in dating and in life is inevitable.

spike albrecht

Michigan’s Spike Albrecht Took A Pregame Beer Pong Shot Before Beating Ohio State


Spike Albrecht solidified his status as a major Bro when he came out of nowhere to score 17 first-half points in a national championship game and then hit up Kate Upton on Twitter.

beer pong robot

Man Vs. Machine: Jimmy Fallon Plays Beer Pong Against A Robot


A few weeks ago we brought you one of the most amazing technological advances that the human species has ever developed: a robot that plays beer pong.

beer pong

Is ‘Vert Pong’ A Beer Pong Game Changer?


There are many, many variations of beer pong.

bro inventions

WHOA: Inventors Built A Robot That Can Play A Perfect Game Of Beer Pong


Coming to a frat house near you: A robot who can run the table, every single night without fail.

beer pong

This Might Be The Best Beer Pong Trick Shot Compilation Ever Created


There certainly have been a lot of beer pong trick shot videos over the years and yet this one still might be the most comprehensive and interesting one we've seen yet.

brobible videos

Bro Has A Pretty Awesome POV Video For A Beer Pong Slam Dunk


We like it when our readers send us videos about them Broing out.

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