beer mile

A 44-Year-Old Mom Of Six Just CRUSHED The Beer Mile World Record


Bros of the world, we've just been served by a 44-year-old mom.

World records

Bro Attempts to Break the Beer Mile World Record, SUCCEEDS


James Nielsen: NCAA champion; World record holder; Husband; Father; Hero: Canadian.

olympic sprinter beer

Olympic sprinter trains to break the beer mile record


If we've learned anything from Michael "All I Do Is Win" Phelps love affair with Mary Jane, it's that Olympians are more like you and I then we once believed.

us olympics

Watch Olympian Nick Symmonds Break the U.S. Record for Fastest Beer Mile


The beer mile is sort of the alcoholic uncle of endurance running events.

Tim Cigelske

The man who runs a mile and drinks a beer everyday


Awhile back, Tim Cigelske vowed to do both.

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