Beef Is Now Highly Illegal In India And Excuse Me While I Stuff Down This Triple-Decker Cheeseburger

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India's 'Golden Age of Beef' (as I am calling it) has officially come to an end after a bill 19-years in the making came to fruition, banning the possession or sale of beef in Maharashtra (the state home to Mumbai and over 100 million Indian citizens).


Here’s The Difference Between Ribeyes, New York Strips And Sirloins So You Can Be Meat-Savvy Like Ron Swanson


There are actually logical reasons why certain cuts of meat have different textures and flavors than others, so if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a New York Strip and a Sirloin is and why that difference exists, this video is for you.


Cheat sheet shows how much each cut of beef costs and how to cook it


Everyone knows the major cuts of beef, but this cheat sheet breaks down the whole cow.

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7 Ways to Win Your Rap Beef


Let’s face it: The Black Keys and Jack White aren’t recording diss tracks.


We’ve Got Beef, Bro: 8 Ways to Prank a Fraternity You Are Beefing With


Fraternities are notorious for having beef with each other and while we encourage keeping things civil, we see no harm in Frat on Frat prank crimes.


James Franco Is Being Sued by NYU Professor for Skipping Class


Maybe it's because I was all like f*ck going to law school, but I've read this over about fifteen times, and still don't really grasp this:.

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