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This HOT Colombia Beauty Pageant-er Was Kicked Outta The Contest Because Her Bikini Was ‘Too Revealing’

There is no such thing as "too revealing."

Miss Utah Went on Jimmy Kimmel to Prove She’s Not Dumb and Actually Pretty Sassy

In today's maddening world of Twitter feeds and YouTube, sometimes screwing up is the greatest thing that can ever happen to you. Just ask Miss

Miss Utah Gives the Greatest Answer to a Beauty Pageant Question Ever

At Sunday night's Miss USA pageant, Miss Utah was asked about male-female income disparity in the United States. Her answer was contrived, faux erudite, and

Kate Aselton, AKA Jenny from ‘The League,’ Was Miss Teen Maine in 1995

Fun fact of the day? Fun fact of the day. 

Miss Michigan Claims She Doesn’t Swallow

Alcohol, that is.