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The Before And After Photos Of This Hot Beauty Queen Are Just Another Reason Why You Don’t Fuck Around With Meth


I am a girl and I can objectively say that the girl above, Jaime Lynn France aka a former Oregon teen beauty queen, is hot.

Miss Utah

10 of the dumbest beauty pageant moments of all time


Miss Utah isn't the first beauty pageant contestant to do something stupid, she's just the latest.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Miss Utah Went on Jimmy Kimmel to Prove She’s Not Dumb and Actually Pretty Sassy


In today's maddening world of Twitter feeds and YouTube, sometimes screwing up is the greatest thing that can ever happen to you.


Miss Utah Gives the Greatest Answer to a Beauty Pageant Question Ever


At Sunday night's Miss USA pageant, Miss Utah was asked about male-female income disparity in the United States.

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