This Bear’s So Good At Hockey That He Makes Ovechkin Look Like Kenan Thompson From ‘Mighty Ducks 2’


If you’ve seen Mighty Ducks 2 you might think that’s a compliment – but it’s not.


Man Steps To Fronting Bear


This man with balls scared this bear away.


This Study Says That Women’s Periods DON’T Attract Bears, So Eat Your Heart Out Brick Tamland


Youtube Screengrab I'm not sure if the idea that menstruation attracts bears was around before the Anchorman movie, but ever since Brick Tamland came out and fearfully said that he was afraid of Veronica's periods attracting bears, it's been an accepted fact: But was Ed really putting the whole station in jeopardy by hiring Veronica.

bear attack ahhh

Do You Think This GoPro Footage Of A Guy Trying To Outrun An Attacking Bear Is Real Or Fake?


Personally, I don’t really care if this is real or fake since it didn’t end in the bear catching the guy with the GoPro and violently devouring him on camera.


Watch This Video Of A Grizzly Bear Outrunning A Car And Think Twice Before Ever Trying To Outrun A Bear

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Humans don't even register as a blip on the radar when ranking the fastest creatures on the planet.


Two Possibly Drunk Bears Got Into A Brawl In Jersey, Wrecked Some Dude’s Lawn


These two black bears are fighting like a pair of drunk Irish brothers, and for some poor home owner in Rockaway, New Jersey they've completely destroyed his yard.


Canadian Postal Worker Unable To Deliver Package–Leaves MOST Canadian Excuse Ever


Canada's (and its citizens) have so many stereotypes I don't even know where to begin, but one thing is for sure: this postal worker's excuse for being unable to deliver a package is the most Canadian excuse ever given.

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall Incredible One-Handed Touchdown Catch VS 49ers


Right before halftime of NBC's Sunday night game Brandon Marshall made a spectacular one-handed catch off a Jay Cutler pass.

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