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This is how all of my nightmares always begin.

Jay Cutler Shows Up to Training Camp In a Big Ass Van, Doesn’t Want People Calling It a Mini Van

Rob Ryan is not impressed, Bro.

Stephen Colbert’s All-Bear ‘Threatdown’ Was the Hottest Bear Take of the Year

The bears. Are after us.

Dude, This Bear Is Just Fucking Chilling

Like a villian.

Just a Bear. Chilling. In a Hammock.

As a bear does.

What Happens When a Bear Breaks Into This Guy’s House?

Security footage picked up a bear breaking into a guy's house.

Just a Couple of Bulldogs Chasing a Bear Out of Their Yard


You Won’t Believe What Type of Mammal Karl Malone Killed With a Bow and Arrow

Bear news.

Dead Black Bear Found Just Chilling on N.C. State’s Campus

The Brickyard is a central meeting place at N.C. State.

GoPro Catches the Best Footage of Wild Grizzly Bears You’ll Ever Watch

For obvious reasons, this crazy GoPro video made me think of poor ole Grizzly Man.

Oh, Just a Russian Child Wrestling a Bear While ‘Candy Shop’ Plays

This Russian video has EVERYTHING: Tracksuits, a child in danger, techno remixes of decade-old American songs, a bear. The Svedka must just out of view. And let's pretend

Watch the Utah Jazz Mascot DROP a Court Intruder


This Bear’s Tetherball Skills Are Outstanding

It’s a BEAR PLAYING TETHERBALL. Stop pretending you have anything better to do today.

Look at This Bear Steal a Restaurant’s Dumpster

This bear didn't just root around in a restaurant's dumpster, find some 2-day-old salmon and croutons, and take off from the scene like one of

Rhode Island Reporter Gives Bear Survival Tips, Makes a Nation Laugh

Here are some hot tips for all you campers out there courtesy of Providence NBC reporter Julie Tremel. She’s going to walk you through what

The Internet’s Best Webcam Featuring Bears Catching Fish is Back

Take all of your plans for the day and put them in a high-powered blender. You’re watching bears catch salmon until further notice. I promise

This Is Why You Don’t Climb A Tree To Escape A Bear

Now would be a good time to stop pissing your pants and start playing dead. 

Russian Dashcam Captures Car Hitting Bear at Top Speed

At this point, is there anything a Russian dashcam could capture that would surprise you? Anything short of the nuclear holocaust would just seem like

Ever Want to Know What It’s Like to Be Eaten by a Grizzly Bear?


A Wannabe Stripper Wiped Out at the Bears Tailgate Yesterday

Lot of apprehension on this chick's face before she executes a poorly advised spin around the pole. You want your parking lot tailgate strippers to

The Internet’s Best Live Webcam Features Bears Catching Salmon

Take whatever plans you had for today and scrap them. You’re now going to watch bears catching salmon until your eyes bleed.

‘Hey, Bear! What’s Up, Bear!’: Man Films Encounter With Bear

The beginning of this video seems to indicate that it will be an entry in the Darwin Awards, however, keep watching.

Vancouver Canucks’ David Booth Eases Pain of Playoff Exit by Killing a Bear

I guess the carcass of a black bear is a fine consolation prize for not hoisting the Stanley Cup. The Vancouver Canucks winger

Watch Devin Hester’s Triple Somersault TD Celebration After Setting NFL Record

During the second quarter of today's Bears-Panthers game, Devin Hester returned a punt return 68 yards for a touchdown. The occasion marks Hester's

In Today’s Mailbag: Three-Somes, Shark Attacks, and Big Foot

Last week’s nosedive into the abyss of randomness yielded some rather decent Ask a Bro questions. Of course, some people still emailed me with trivial

Like a Boss, U.S. Ski Team Member Ani Haas Survives Bear Attack By Punching the Bear In the Face

While jogging the Crazy Canyon trail near Missoula, Montana, former U.S. ski team member Ani Haas got between a mama black bear and