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Why Men Need To Stop Growing Beards Just To Prove Their Manliness

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Recently, the Internet blew up over a "hot new trend" among men to basically dress like lumberjacks.


The Hairless Man’s Guide to Movember


Sometimes you just can't grow a 'stache.

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Bros, Meet The 2014 Beard And Mustache King Of The World (PICS)


Last weekend in Portland, Oregon elite competitors gathered from all around the globe at the 2014 Beard & Moustache World Championships.

facial hair

Problems Only Men Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand


I've been able to grow a full beard since 8th grade, so these have NEVER been a problem for me.

The Rock

The Rock’s Beard In ‘Hercules’ Was Made of Something Gross, You Guys


Does this mean The Rock is incapable of beard growth.

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