Sorry Bros, That ‘Study’ Was Crap And Your Beard Apparently ISN’T Covered In Poop

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Yesterday we brought you a story about how people’s beards are just as dirty as toilets, meaning they’re covered in poop particles and having a beard is like walking around in public with a turd strapped under your chin.

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Man Goes Around Ireland Tickling Beards, Reactions Range From The Giggles To Unintelligible Irish Anger


Let's call it like it is here: this prank video of a man going around Ireland and tickling random stranger's beards is hilarious because the reactions from Irishmen encompass nearly every Irish stereotype in the books.

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Your Beard Is Covered In Shit: According To New Study Beards Are Crawling In Poop Particles

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At some point every bro will need to make this decision: beard or poop face.


Watch A Short Documentary About The Millionaire Baseball Pitcher Who Lives In A Van


Yesterday, in the grapefruit league, Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris earned a W against the Orioles.


Stephen Colbert Has A Beard Now And It’s As MANLY As A Big Game Hunting Trip With Hemingway

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Stephen Colbert is poised to take over The Late Show from David Letterman later this year.


Bro Makes Epic Snapchat Story About Shaving His Beard Off


As a bearded Bro, this man's Snapchat story breaks my heart.


San Diego Chargers Safety Eric Weddle Dyed His Beard To Look Like Santa Claus


Eric Weddle dyed his beard so he could look more like Santa Claus before yesterday's game against the Denver Broncos.


Of Course Stupid Hipsters Are Hanging Christmas Tree Decorations In Their Beards


Do you love Christmas so much that you wish you could have it.

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Why Men Need To Stop Growing Beards Just To Prove Their Manliness

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Recently, the Internet blew up over a "hot new trend" among men to basically dress like lumberjacks.


The Hairless Man’s Guide to Movember


Sometimes you just can't grow a 'stache.

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Bros, Meet The 2014 Beard And Mustache King Of The World (PICS)


Last weekend in Portland, Oregon elite competitors gathered from all around the globe at the 2014 Beard & Moustache World Championships.

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