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This Summer’s 7 Best Beach Lifehacks That You Might Not Know

It’s summer and that used to only mean we had one thing to look forward to: the beach. But summer […]

Beach Days vs. Lake Days: Who Wins in the War of the Waters?

Summer's biggest debate.

4 Types of People You’ll Find on a Beach Boardwalk

  Through similarly constructed and always seemingly serving as a burrow for drug addicts and the mentally ill, all boardwalks […]

Drunk 25-Year-Old Tries to Beat Up 44-Year-Old Man on Beach, Guess What Happens Next

The tale of the tape says the young, semi-muscular 25-year-old bro, who is rocking a stars and stripes bathing suit, is going […]

Bros’ Day at the Beach Features Epic Slide n’ Slide Alley-Oop

This is billed as an “epic” trick shot, and it’s one of the few times that term isn’t empty hyperbole.

‘Excavator Surfing’ Is the New Latest Dumb Thing You’ll Want to Do at the Beach This Summer

Here's a fun, mindless activity, presuming you're going to a beach with a giant excavator right by the waterline. There's no way you wouldn't want

A Babe Gives Us Two Successful Ways to Pick Up Girls on the Beach

There’s a lot out there about picking up girls on the beach, everyone makes it seem easy; girls are just laying around half naked waiting

Gorgeous Michelle Hunziker Does Not Disappoint

Not in the slightest. This European beauty is the real deal, and then some. 

The 10 B’s to Look Forward to This Summer

We can all agree that summer is, without a doubt, the best season of the year. There are maybe a hundred people scattered around the

Aubrey O’Day poses for Icon Magazine

Former Danity Kane star Aubrey O'Day is gracing the pages of the new issue of Icon Magazine with a photo shoot on, where else,