armenian stepdad

Armenian Dad Wants To Teach Americans How To BBQ, And The Importance Of Cold Vodka


The man in this video is purportedly the Armenian stepfather of Redditor 'funkbawks', and he requested to go on camera and teach Americans all about Armenian BBQ and how it'll make you chew off your own damn fingers.


This Doughnut Comes Topped With BBQ Beef Brisket And If You Just Said To Yourself ‘Ew’ You’re A Big Fat Fuckin’ Liar


Via Glazed No really, you actually are a big fat fuckin’ liar if you’re telling yourself you wouldn’t eat the doughnut up there.


This BBQ Smoker Steam Engine Just Changed The Barbecue Game Forever


The phrase 'just changed the game forever' gets tossed around so cavalierly these days, but in this case I'm actually quite certain that this man's creation is going to have a lasting impact on anyone who sees it.


8 ways to tell if your favorite BBQ joint is authentic (from pitmasters and experts)


It’s summertime and you’re sure to be hungering for some delicious BBQ, but how do you know what you’re eating is authentic, and what does authentic BBQ even mean.

types of bbq

These different types of barbecue from around the world will have you drooling


I can't say for certain if I was hungry before I started watching this video, but I can certainly vouch that my mouth is now watering.


A Badass Guide to Barbecue From Around The World


You have no idea how hungry I am for brisket right now.

Florida news

Man Dies During Argument About BBQ and You’re 100% Correct In Assuming It Was In Florida


A Jacksonville man was killed at his own house party last weekend because of an argument about how to cut barbecue.

Top Chef

13 power moves to turn you into a BBQ beast


The editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine and Top Chef Masters judge James Oseland shares 13 magically indispensable grilling tips you probably should have known, but definitely didn't.


FOR SALE: The World’s Largest BBQ Pit and I Must Have It


After consuming a truly unhealthy amount of meat over the long 4th of July holiday, my meat sweats still have meat sweats.

unique grills

The 20 most awesome grills ever created


Did you grill out on Independence Day.


Magazine Picks Best Ribs in the Country; St. Louis and Kansas City ROBBED


Fact: Ribs are a top-five foodstuff in the whole wide world.

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