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This Baylor Bro Had a Great Time Last Night

Shooting sleeve.

The NCAA Won’t Let Baylor Wear Those “Sic ‘Em Bears” Uniforms in Postseason Play

Gone too soon.

Robert Griffin III Loves Baylor’s March Madness Uniforms


Baylor’s Bryce Petty Flipped Into the Endzone and It Was Awesome

Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty accounted for, like, 10,000 yards of total offense or something this year. But he'll be most remembered for this insane flip

The 35 Coolest NCAA Helmets of 2013

Football use to be about hitting and tackling. Today it is more about intimidating your opponent than anything else.

The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)

Years ago, NCAA football uniforms were used as a way of distinguishing between players and teams. 

Baylor Sorority Now In Hot Water For Dressing Up Like Mexicans With Signs Saying ‘Green Card?’

After Penn State's recent "Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass. I smoke it" sorority debacle you had to see

Here’s Natalie Portman Looking Insanely Hot at the Texas-Baylor Game

She looks like an angel!

Rate This Baylor University Party Video

So, the largest Bapist university in the world wants to show you how they throw down in Waco. The uploader of the video

Insane Baylor Fan Dances Away Pain of Loss to Kentucky

Since this is America, he’ll probably get his own sitcom or reality show. Dancing Baylor fan is currently the talk of the Internet

Adidas Reveals New March Madness Uniforms for Baylor, Cincinnati and Louisville

Baylor, Cincinnati and Louisville will all be wearing new uniforms during their respective conference tournaments and in the Big Dance, Adidas announced today. The

Watch a Baylor Student Storm the Field On Crutches

Last Baylor-Oklahoma post, promise. There's nothing more exciting than an upset over a football powerhouse. Not even being on crutches stopped this female

Erin Andrews Got a Gatorade Bath After Baylor Upset Oklahoma

That is all. Video after the click.

Baylor Receiver Kendall Wright Scores the Wackiest Touchdown On a Tipped Pass You’ll See Today

What a ridiculous and amazing weekend for college football. On Friday, Iowa State straight up puts Oklahoma State in cardiac arrest. USC upsets