College Bro Makes Real Combat Batsuit — Begs People To Hit Him To Prove It Works


Jackson Gordon, a college student from Philadelphia University, is begging people to punch him.


Austin Bro Has Next-Level Tinder Profile, Might Be Batman


First off, you don't have any proof that he's not Batman, so don't even begin to argue he isn't.


Dad Has Stroller Turned Into Batmobile Tumbler Because All Men Are Overgrown Children


Check out this dad who had his kid's stroller turned into a replica of Batman's Tumbler.


This Cat Dressed As Bane And Plotting To Kill Santa Is The Ultimate Christmas Grinch


Nothing says "holiday spirit" like a cat wearing a Bane mask who's wrapped bombs like presents and littered the bottom of your chimney with sharp knives.


Hockey Player Dressed As Batman Fights Hockey Player Dressed As The Riddler


With all the good football on this weekend you probably missed the hot minor league hockey action between Toledo and Evansville.


How Every Roommate You’ve Ever Lived With Is Just Like A Batman Supervillain


At some point in most of our lives we've lived with a roommate and for many of us, it wasn't always a pleasant experience.


Man Dressed As The Joker Vigorously Squeezed Jimmy Graham’s Butt After A Touchdown


An over-exuberant New Orleans Saints fan took some liberties with one of the team's marquee players after a touchdown yesterday because anything goes in the Superdome.

batman v superman

The Casting For Robin In The New ‘Batman v Superman’ Movie Has Supposedly Been Leaked, And It’s…A Woman?


If you’re purely a fan of the Batman movies and don’t know anything about the comic book source material, then making Robin a girl probably comes as a huge shocker to you.

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