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You’ll Never Guess Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Just Got Cast As Aquaman In The Upcoming ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Movie

Fish go blub.

New Image of Ben Affleck as Batman Suggests Batman Doesn’t Shave Every Day

Ben Whofleck?

This Iceberg Looks Like Batman

Like I said, this iceberg looks like batman

An Australian Man Made a Sick, Working Batmobile

A dream come true.

Bill Murray Took On Ben Affleck’s Batman

Bat Murray.

Here’s the First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman

The reveal is here.

Man Wearing Only Thong Stole Batman Costume, Pranced Around, Police Say

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na PANTIES

Batman Impersonator Loses His Shit on Tourist, Has to Be Subdued By Spiderman Impersonator

Christian Bale is no longer the hardest motherfucker to play Batman. 

This Batmobile Golf Cart Can Be Yours For Only $17,500

Straight from the Warner Brothers' lot in Los Angeles comes this Batman golf cart. It's slightly used, sure, but when you're faced with the decision of buying a

Someone Needs to Make ‘The BatKid Rises’ Movie Right Now

We’ll never forget the heroism BatKid showed while saving the city of San Francisco. He was, after all, the most heartwarming superhero to ever grab

Watch an Awesome Video of BatKid’s Day Saving San Francisco

Ah, shit, we've got the feels again. IT'S NOT BECOMING.  On Friday, Batkid (a.k.a. Make-a-Wish recipient Miles) got to live out his dream of being a

Man Gets DUI in Joker Facepaint, Mugshot Says It All

Getting a DUI sucks. I know, I've been there. 

Ben Affleck Will Play Batman in Upcoming Superhero Flick

Everyone is totally cool with this, right?

Batman Will Join Superman for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

Batman and Superman... together? Yep. It's happening in 2015, with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder returning.

Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

Batman: Arkham City is undoubtedly the greatest mainstream comic book video game ever made. Warner Brothers Interactive/Rocksteady Studios has finally dropped a sneak peek of

The 50 Most Ridiculous Man Caves

Men are always going to be men.

Here’s a 3-Minute Video Pointing Out All That’s Wrong With ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

As an avid supporter of all things Batman, this one hurts to watch. There really are some problems with the latest installment of the caped

Imagine ‘The Dark Knight’ As a Romantic Comedy

When you think about it, the basic plot of "The Dark Knight" has a lot in common with a romantic comedy: Bruce Wayne is single and ready

‘Gotham High’ Makes the Batman Series into a ‘90s Teen Movie

The hours this must have taken... Wow.

Here’s Dane Cook Telling a Joke About the Colorado Movie Theater Massacre

Presented without comment, because, well, you’ll probably take care of that part.

The Dark Knight Rises Ultimate Trilogy Trailer

This weekend the curtain closes on Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. I caught a preview on Thursday evening and only have to say this: It's absolutely

Here’s an Honest Trailer for the Batman Film Series

Normally, I don’t like anyone making fun of my Batman. The guys over at Honest Trailers, though, get a pass. Loved the school bus line.

The Dark Knight and ‘60’s Robin Team Up to Fight Bane

Today's Batman is a far cry from the version that aired on television in the 1960s. This clever skit illustrates that well, when Christian Bale's

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ New Trailer From MTV Movie Awards Hits The Web

I don't know exactly what to make of this film but I do know one thing, and it's that Bane has a badass voice that

Wannabe Batman Fights Crime in Baltimore Orioles’ Outfield

It’s tough to identify the star of the Baltimore Orioles’ 4-2 season-opening win over the Minnesota Twins yesterday. Was Jake Arrieta, who threw

Finally, There Is Cop Dash Cam Footage of Batman Getting Pulled Over

I sincerely hope whoever wins the $640 Mega Millions drawing tonight is as cool as philanthropist do-gooder/super hero Lenny Robinson, the "Lamborhini Batman."

It Turns Out Fake Batman Is a Real-Life Hero

When Maryland police pulled over a guy dressed as Batman driving a Lamborghini last week, most of us just assumed the guy was a run-of-the-mill

Batman Was Pulled Over In a Lamborghini Gallardo In Montgomery County, Maryland

Here's something you don't see... ever. The Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department pulled over a Lamborghini. The guy behind the wheel? Why, Batman, of course!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Finally Released Online

No more bootleg bullsh*t. Warner Bros. finally put the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" online. Apparently, it has been playing as a preview before

Man Dressed As Batman Gets Beat-Up in Vegas

I'm going to go ahead and go on record by saying that this Batman is probably an impostor. No way the real Bruce Wayne would