public restrooms

Why I Hate Public Restrooms


I don’t know how you spent your time in college, but a sizable chunk of mine was devoted to finding a quiet place to take a shit on campus.

hooking up

The Suite Life of Bathroom Sex


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you’re regaining consciousness after a wicked blackout.


Introducing One Wipe Charlies, the Only True Butt Wipes for REAL MEN


The Dollar Shave Club re-wrote all the rules about face grooming, and now they’re re-writing all the rules governing a far more important part of the body – the ass.


This Drunk Guy Passed Out on a Urinal Makes Us Ask Where’s the Worst Place You’ve Ever Passed Out?


I've woken up in some places, and next to some "things," that would make a billy goat puke, but I don't know if any rival how disgusting it is to unconsciously french kiss a urinal.


12 Photos of Bathroom Graffiti From Different Colleges Around the Country


Courtesy of a site called Potty-o-Graphy  comes photos of literal toilet humor seen in stalls at colleges around the country.


And Now a Very Sad Craigslist Post About Bathroom Love Gone Awry


A relationship begat from a chance encounter in a bathroom during a Megadeth-Motorhead double bill would seem destined for success.

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