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Frightening Video Surfaces of Teenager on Bath Salts

If last summer was anything, it was a summer dedicated to a designer drug, openly sold in the streets, and talked about everywhere online. No,

And Now an Important Message From the Miami Zombie Face-Eating Victim, One Year Later

It was only a year ago that we legitimately feared the Zombie Apocalypse, thanks large in part to the insane actions of Rudy

U.S. Navy Made a PSA Video About Bath Salts That’s So Bad It’ll Make You Want to Try Bath Salts

Talk about being late to the party. 

Funny or Die Tells What Happens If You Take Bath Salts Before that Big Work Meeting

The bath salts craze—and as I write that, I now realize I've made it sound more like a popular dance fad than drug-deranged people ripping

Naked Pennsylvania Man Screamed Like an Animal as He Tried to Eat Woman’s Face

This again...

Couple on Bath Salts Wages War Against Imaginary Gangsters

Phillip and Donna Walls came under attack from a group of gangsters on Monday and called 911. There were no gangsters, though. The North Carolina

10 Things Not To Do When Encountering a Bath Salts Individual

The Bath Salts epidemic is relatively new and has many people wondering how to handle what some are referring to as a zombie apocalypse. Well,

Man Bites Dog; Of Course Bath Salts Were Involved

Another day, another guy hopped up on synthetic drugs wandering the streets eating living mammals. This time, though, he set his sights on a dog,

‘What Bath Salts Can Do to You’: Buying Bath Salts at a Strip Club & Other Sordid Tales from TV News

Like it or not, the national media's hard-on for regurgitating the same report about deranged (and some might say idiotic) people high on bath salts

ATTENTION: Zombie Apocalypse-Approved ‘Pass the Bath Salts’ Party Tanks Now for Sale!

Your summer 2012 wardrobe isn't complete until you've acquired a Zombie Apocalypse-approved "Pass the Bath Salts" party tank. It's now for sale in the

Zombie Apocalypse Spreads To Louisiana

You can't make this sh*t up, folks. It's really happening. 

According to local police, Carl Jacquneaux arrived at the Scott home of Todd Credeur and began

Bath Salt Hysteria Reaches Congress

Whether or not you believe in impending zombie doom, there's no doubting that bath salts are hurting society just as much as the Kardashians.

Zombie Apocalypse PSA: This Is What Your Brain Looks Like on Bath Salts

Since the Zombie Apocalypse appears to be nigh, what better time to show you this terrifying video from last August. It's a video of