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The Worst Flop In Basketball History Was Committed By a Little Kid

"This kid has a future in this game" - LeBron James.

A Baylor Fan Had the Single Greatest Sports Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen


Florida News Station Couldn’t Legally Show Florida-Dayton Basketball Highlights, So They Improvised in the Best Way Possible

Oh yes, they did exactly what it looks like they did from that photo above.

What Were You Doing In 6th Grade? Because This Kid’s Dunking and Dropping 53 pts in One Game

He's better than you, all of us.

Kobe Bryant Continues to Troll the Lakers, Says Barack Obama Could Play on This Year’s Team

Kobe... again... Being Kobe.

Open Letter to All Teams Participating in the 2014 NCAA Tournament

I bet you’re really excited to play in the NCAA Tournament. I’m excited to watch it!

LOL, Look at How Much Justin Bieber Sucks at Basketball

Justin Bieber vs. his manager, Scooter Braun, at a court at the University of Texas. Bieber gets crossed-up in the [...]

Robert Griffin III Loves Baylor’s March Madness Uniforms


Stony Brook Basketball Fan Attempts to Become the Most Annoying Videobomber Ever, SUCCEEDS

Dude is just living his life for the love of Stony Brook.

Vulgar Old Basketball Player Talking About His Nuts Falling Out of His Shorts In 1972 Is Winning the Internet Today

"Dexter "WATER" Johnson, and they call me Water because the goddamn jumper is so wet. FUCK YOU."

4-foot-1 Bro Scores Basket in Feel-Good Play of Year

Kraft, who was born with dwarfism, got a Senior Night start from his coach Pat Hansen for the first time in his four-year career.

Ho Hum, Just an 8th Grader Throwing Down a Two-Handed 360-Degree Dunk IN A GAME

Marvin Bagley makes this look boring. He casually makes his way into the paint and then casually pulls off a [...]

8th Grader Throws Down Two Nasty Dunks Then Probably Ate a Lunchables Or Something

Ladarius Marshall is an eighth grade basketball star and future NBA legend and only one of those things is true. [...]

High Schooler With Special Needs Drops Four Three-Pointers in Two Minutes

Bensalem (Pa.) High School senior Kevin Grow has Down Syndrome, but he’s long been  a committed manager for the Owls, not [...]

7′ 1″ High School Sophomore Has a ‘Holy Shit’ Basketball Highlight Reel

Thon Maker is a 7′ 1″ high school sophomore who can pretty much do it all. He doesn’t jump out [...]

Sacramento Kings Rock Google Glass, Let You Experience an NBA Introduction

Ever wonder what it would be like to be introduced in front of a packed stadium?

4th Grader Is Best Player On… High School Basketball Team?

Jaden Newman averages 14.8 points and 7.5 assists for the Downey Christian girls varsity high school basketball team. 

LeBron James Looks Cool as Hell Shooting a Submachine Gun

Is there anything LeBron James does that isn't cool?

Dude Perfect’s 500 Foot Moving Goal Basketball Shot from Reunion Tower Is NUTS

That's Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX. It's an extremely tall structure. Not like Seattle Space Needle tall, but let's not pile on Dallas while it's still down

5 Most Annoying Things About Playing Pickup Basketball

I love pickup basketball. In this time of post-grad uncertainty, Monday night ball is one of the few things that I find solace in. As

Ref Helps Israeli Basketball Team Score Game-Winning Basket

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. 

18 Things Bandwagon Sports Fans Say

19. Who is winning the sports match?

F*ck College Basketball

Today is the first day of the college basketball season, which means that for the next five months, televisions everywhere will be airing

Harlem Globetrotter Had What Looks to Be the Most Painful Dunk Fail in History

No idea what happened to this dude after his face cushioned the blow of the basketball hoop hitting the ground, but if I had to

Spanish Basketball Player Makes Insane Buzzer-Beater

This buzzer-beater makes most other buzzer-beaters look routine. Already up big before halftime, Real Madrid Balencesto’s Felipe Reyes caught a full-court heave from a teammate

NYC Bro Does His Best Billy Hoyle in Amazing Streetball Video

Some people would rather look good and lose than look bad and win. Not this guy. Is his 3-point % sustainable with that form? Probably

The Basketball Dunk May Create Some Hyperbole

Javonte Douglas is not afraid of heights. The 6-foot-7 leaper plays his ball at the College of Central Florida. If he keeps dunking like this,

25 GIFs That Will Make You Hate The Miami Heat More Than You Do Already

Ready to get your hate on? Good. Let’s do this.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Dude Dribble a Basketball Aggressively

Deep down, I know this isn’t the funniest thing on the internet but RIGHT NOW it sure seems like it. This guy is a serious

This Polar Bear’s Basketball Skills Are Impressive

It’s polar bear practicing basketball. Stop pretending you have anything better to do.

Little Kid’s Dunk Fail is Your Win

He's so excited! Look how he excited he—awww.

Basketball Trick Shot Game Reaches New High With 321-Foot Heave

This is evidently a record. But it’s a record because mankind has previously had the good sense not to spend tremendous time and

The Official Trailer for NBA 2K14 Hits the Web

Is it November 15th yet? The trailer for NBA 2k14 is one of the most highly anticipated trailers of the year, giving a first look

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Pick-Up Basketball Sterotypes

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they conduct themselves during a pick-up basketball game. There’s something about this particular setting

One-Handed High School Basketball Player Offered Spot With Florida

Hey, thanks a lot, Florida. Now I’m feeling feelings.

Watch Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams Throw a Bounce-Pass Alley-Oop

Michael Jordan can still dunk. Jason Williams can still make ludicrous assists. Bring on the NBA Champions Tour already.

‘Coupla Lilly-Ass White Mormon Boys Come to the Hood to Play Come Ball’

This video delivers, big time. Just two Mormon missionaries playing some pick-up backyard ball in the hood wearing ties and everything. Dudes put on a

Short Human Jumps Over Blake Griffin to Dunk Basketball

Blake Griffin dunked over a Kia. Young Hollywood dunked over Blake Griffin. There’s a clear winner in this battle.

Here is Chris Bosh Having the Most Chris Bosh Time on His Vacation

This video is so Boshy it makes me sick. Have to admire his ability to take all the dinosaur/homosexual jokes in stride, though. Takes some

Air Force Serviceman Windmill Dunked in Fatigues and Combat Boots at Team USA Scrimmage Last Night

During a break in last night's Team USA scrimmage, Airman Nathaniel Mills became the star of the show after he was asked to take the