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Creighton’s Toby Hegner Took A Beer Shower After Diving For A Loose Ball


Creighton forward Toby Hegner learned a very valuable lesson last night after diving for a loose ball against Oklahoma.


Ogie Menor’s Hair Is The Most Impressive Thing I’ve Ever Seen On A Basketball Court


  Ogie Menor is a shooting guard for the Blackwater Elite of the Philippines Basketball League and he has the most spectacular hair you've seen grow out of a human being's head.


Lance Stephenson Slaps Himself, Commits The Worst Flop In Basketball History


This afternoon our NBA-loving friends at Dime Magazine brought our attention to some serious theatrics by Charlotte Hornets guard Lance Stephenson.


Bill Walton Awesomely Explains Why Basketball Will Always Be Better Than Football And Baseball

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Back in college in the mid '00s, when Bill Walton was the color commenter on ESPN hoops games, my roommate and I would geek out at some of the ridiculous things Bill Walton would say.

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Who’ll Be Next To Join This Amazing Compilation Of The Worst Free Throw Attempts In History


This is the tough thing about basketball -- unlike baseball, football and even soccer, a player knows the moment the ball leaves his or her hands that a shot is going to be awful.

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Charles Barkley Claims He Once Forced Himself To Gain 20 Pounds In 48 Hours So He Wouldn’t Be Drafted By The 76ers


On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night Charles Barkley revealed that in order to avoid being drafted by the 76ers he spent 48 hours doing his damndest to gain 20 lbs.


Bro Asks Girls On Tinder For Predictions Of All 30 NBA Teams


Every asshole with a Twitter feed has an opinion on sports.

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