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Potential Buzzer Beater Just Kinda Hangs Out On the Rim — Forever

Check out the almost ending to a high school basketball contest between TEAM A and TEAM B (because is knowing their names necessary?). It’s the

Little Kid’s Dunk Fail is Your Win

He's so excited! Look how he excited he—awww.

This Video of Andrew Wiggins Jumping Ridiculously High Shows He’s As Good As the Hype

As a basketball fan, it's difficult not to know who Andrew Wiggins is--the stud who committed to Kansas has been universally considered one of the

This Mind-Blowing Basketball Shot Is the Last Trick Shot You’ll Ever Need to See

Game Over. In fact, the only way to top this is doing the same thing without the use of a trampoline.

Watch a Mascot Totally Take Out a Cheerleader, Mid-Backflip

Move, female. Get out the way. 

You Have Never Seen a Half Court Shot Quite Like This One

And we don't even need the Men's Warehouse guy to verify that with a trusty guarantee. 

‘Slam Dunk Supertramp Style’ Is a Ridiculous Trick Shot Video That Doesn’t Disappoint

Not every day you see a bunch of acrobats fly across a gym, throwin' it down like Clark Kent decided to have a basketball career.