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BASE Jumper Suffers Gruesome Injury, Calming Describes Situation ‘127 Hours’ Style

If you’ve ever wanted to go BASE jumping, this video will either make you reconsider your desire or to be this large of a badass.

Bro Base Jumps His Passed Away Friend’s Snowmobile Off 800-Foot Cliff

Goddammit, now I want to go buy a snowmobile for the sole purpose of my best friend driving it off a cliff after I die.

The Best Slacklining/Basejumping Combo Video You’ll See Today

This video has been making the rounds in the action sports community this week, so it's high time we feature it here. This teaser for

Base Jumping Off A 1,300-Foot Antenna in Africa Looks INSANE

Universal truth: As long as mankind continues to engineer and build extremely tall structures, a certain, marginally insane faction of the human species

One of the Best Basejumping Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Speaking of big balls, here's a very cinematic reel of spectacular basejumps. There's a lot of really great camera work here and apparently the whole