derek jeter

GIF: Derek Jeter’s Little Nephew Tipped His ‘RE2PECT’ Hat To Derek Jeter And It Was The Best Thing Ever


In a perfect ended to a nearly perfect career in a Yankee uniform, Derek's Jeter's little nephew tipped his RE2PECT hat to his uncle right after he hit a walk-off single.

derek jeter

A Captain’s Legacy: The ‘Alleged’ Derek Jeter Herpes Tree

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Tonight is Derek Jeter's last game every played under the lights at Yankee Stadium, and we've been inundated ad nauseam with his 'legacy' and how he played the game 'the right way.

Jimmy Fallon

Watch Jimmy Fallon Strike Out Against Mo’ne Davis Once…Twice…Three? Four? SEVEN TIMES?


After watching this it's clear that Fallon shouldn't quit his day (night.


Very Large Man Just Chillin’ In the Stands Without a Shirt at Dodgers Stadium


Everything about this picture from the bleachers of Dodgers Stadium is perfect: The half-eaten hot dog in his hands.


Alex Barker Made the Best Catch of the Little League World Series


Little Leaguer Alex Barker makes incredbile catch.

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