mitch harris

U.S. Naval Academy Pitcher Finally Makes MLB Debut After Serving His Country For Last 5 Years


As a pitcher, Mitch Harris made Baseball America's Third-Team All-American in 2007, won the Roger Clemens Award Watch List in 2006 and 2007.


Foul Ball Drills Popcorn Vendor In Head And Launches Into The Stratosphere


Being a vendor at a baseball game sounds like the worst job imaginable.

dale earnardt

Royals Manager Recalls His Last Hunting Trip With The Late Dale Earnhardt And Someone’s Definitely Chopping Onions


It's hard to believe that it has been 14 years since Dale Earnhardt passed away, but the world keeps on spinning.

nut shot

Umpire Gets Walloped In The Nuts By Foul Ball So Hard He Has To Be Carried Out On A Stretcher

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***WARNING: Babies were killed in the making of this film***   If that didn't give you a stomach ache, check quickly to see if your nuts are still attached.


Watch This Woman Get Caught Taking The Most Embarrassingly Shameless Selfie At A Cubs Game


Our friends over at Uproxx know a shameless selfie when they see one, and this, my friends is pretty bad.

freak catch

High School Batter Freakishly Catches Pitch At The Plate To Avoid Getting Plunked

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During a high school baseball game between Mount Pisgah Christian (Johns Greek, Ga.

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