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Paralyzed Fan Stands Up to Throw First Pitch at Minor League Game

Inspiring stuff.

Allow this Korean Baseball Player to Demonstrate How Not to Slide

The ol' stop short.

The Brooklyn Cyclones Will Wear Slime-Covered Nickelodeon Uniforms for ’90s Night

It will be a physical challenge.

Alex Barker Made the Best Catch of the Little League World Series

Little Leaguer Alex Barker makes incredbile catch .

Fox Sports’ Hottie Katie Nolan Threw What Was Probably The Worst First Pitch I’ve Seen All Month


Here are Some of the Most Outrageous Umpires in Baseball History

Settle down, fellas.

Miss Texas Throws the Dumbest Opening Pitch In Opening Pitch History

Miss Texas Monique Evans is trying SO HARD to be Chrissy Teigen, but it just ain't happening. T

This 12-Year-Old With One Arm Is Better Than Me at Baseball

The next Jim Abbott?

Cardinals’ Tony Cruz Has Matthew McConaughey’s Chest-Thumping From ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ As His Walk-Up Music

Standing ovation.

This Umpire’s Strikeout Call Is Utterly Fucking Ridiculous


Bryce Harper Could Not Possibly Be Any More Out

Nice try, Bryce. But you got caught, big time.

The Texas Rangers Bullpen Plays a Game Called ‘Fart Bottle Roulette’ And So Can You!

Breathtaking way to pass the time.

The Official 2014 Home Run Derby Drinking Game

Not too many things make as good a pairing as enjoying a tall, frosty, ale while taking in America’s past time.

No One Will Judge You If You Get a Boner Watching This Chick Throw Out a Ceremonial First Pitch

The MLB could learn a whole hell of a lot from Taiwan on how to properly throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

Blue Jay’s Bautista Bag Tags Buddy (GIF)

Say that five times fast.

Target Field Now America’s Best Stadium, Adds Self-Service Beer Kiosks

Alcohol, without human contact

A Pissed Off Bryce Harper Tried to Break His Bat and Failed Miserably

Poor Bryce.

The Nats’ Jayson Werth Had the Sickest Steal of the Year

He always won 'tag' as a child.

VIDEO: Michael Vick Doesn’t Know How Baseball Works

Even the most basic elements.

GIF: Yasiel Puig Just Had a Bat Flip Fail for the Ages

Poor guy.

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Japanese Pitcher’s Hilarious Eephus Pitch

Wait for it ...

Yasiel Puig Showed New Yorkers How to Do a Proper Bat Flip

Dramatic guy.

What Major League Baseball Players Do Social Media Best?

This is a different kind of Instagram than Doc Gooden liked.

This Korean Baseball Player’s Bat Flip Game Is Obnoxious, Awesome

Hong Sung-heon is the designated hitter for the Doosan Bears in South Korea and probably the world's the foremost authority on how to flip your

New York Mets Pitcher Jenrry Mejia Did a Tremendous Dance on the Mound

Very subtle.

A Baby T-Rex Threw Out the First Pitch in San Diego Today

But it'd rather be killing you.

Impressive Video Shows How to Attend a Baseball Game For Free (Including Tickets)

For the ultimate cheapskate.

Jean Segura Needed a Plastic Surgeon After Ryan Braun Hit Him With a Bat


Dad Has Terrific Reaction to His Son Hitting His First Homerun

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Ben Spradley just hit one out of the park!”

Brooklyn Cyclones to Wear Sithclones Jerseys


There’s a Guy on the Nationals Whose Walk-Up Songs Are All From ‘Frozen’

There's nothing wrong with adoring Idina.

Little Kid Loves Souvenir Baseball More Than You’ve Ever Loved Anything


The Brewers’ Hank the Dog Gets a Sweet House

HANK. Bark twice if you have a house in Milwaukee!

This is What a Face Looks Like After Being Hit by a 90 MPH Fastball


A Squirrel Repeatedly Hijacked Last Night’s Phillies-Rockies Game (Video)

An adorable interruption.

VIDEO: Kid Hits Home Run While Being Intentionally Walked

He wouldn't be so good if he wasn't so tall.

Munenori Kawasaki Gave an Incredible Interview About His Progress with the English Language

Give Munenori Kawasaki a ton of credit.

Batter in the On-Deck Circle Gets Blasted in the Face by Foul Ball

This is my nightmare.

Travis Snider Took a Fly Ball Off the Face

Blooper rule.

The Atlanta Braves Hate America

...Because they set the American flag on fire during their home opener.