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BASE Jumping Dog Is the World’s Coolest Pet


Watch a Group of BASE Jumpers Leap from the Top of the World’s Tallest Building

It's not enough for your country to build one of the world's tallest buildings.

B.A.S.E. Jumpers Jump Off New York City’s Freedom Tower and It’s Pretty Much the Most Insane Thing Ever

BASE jumpers filmed a video of an INSANE jump off New York City's iconic new skyscraper, the Freedom Tower.

Here’s a Crazy Man Base Jumping Off Mt. Everest

Russian Valery Rozov set a new world record here by base jumping at a height of 23,687 feet. That is very high. Aren't there quicker

BASE Jumper Almost Dies During Disastrous Jump Attempt, Captures Whole Thing with a Helmet Cam

Well this is enough to scare you never to go BASE jumping. 25-year-old extreme athlete Matthew Gough attempted to jump off a 1,000-foot cliff in

Dog Follows Owners to the Bottom of a Canyon After BASE Jumping, Because Dogs Are the Sh*t

Reason #Infinity dogs are the best animals in the world. After her owner Mario Richard does an epic BASE jump off a clff, Cajun follows her to

Daredevil Jeb Corliss Recounts His Leg-Breaking Accident at Table Mountain

For all intents and purposes Jeb Corliss should probably be dead. He hit a mountain at top speeds, broke numerous bones in his legs, yet

‘Experience Freedom’ Is the Most Stunning Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit Video You’ll See Today

Sometimes we get an urge to do something radical like go skydiving or BASE jumping. Last week Infinity List dropped this inspirational supercut of extreme

So… Slackjumping In A Dark, Abandoned Gold Mine Looks INSANE

This video comes from an abandoned gold mind in the Czech Republic, where a possibly bat sh*t crazy group of Polish spelunkers/jumpe pioneered

Watch Three Guys BASE Jump Off the Tallest Hotel In Europe

Measuring in at some 52 floors and 770-plus rooms, the The Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain is the tallest hotel in Europe. 

The Tale of How a BASE Jumper Survived a Parachute Failure After Jumping Off ‘The Death Swing’

I can't think of anything more pants-shitting than not having a parachute properly deploy in the middle of a freefall. That's what happened Australian BASE

The ‘Art of Extreme Sports’ Video Compilation is a Must-Watch for Adrenaline Junkies

If you love skiing, snowboarding, BASE jumping, mountain biking, wingsuit flying, or any radical recreational activity that generally involves being crazy enough to jump off

VIDEO: BASE Jumpers Tumble Through the Sky Towards Eikesdalen, Norway’s Mirror Lake

This video, dating back to April 2010, is perhaps some of the most stunning BASE jumping footage ever caught on camera. These guys take a